Arcadia (DropShip class)

Arcadia (DropShip).jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Snow Raven
Clan Blood Spirit
Production Year 3066[1]
Use Assault Ship
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Clan
Technical specifications
Mass 3000 tons
Structural Integrity 11
Length 79 meters
Width meters
Height meters
Drive System unknown
Safe Thrust 3 g
Max Thrust 4.5 g
Fuel (tons) 200
Fuel (days) 1.84 burn/day
Armament 10xHeavy Large Lasers
20xHeavy Medium Laser
4xUltra AC/20
2xATM 12
4xATM 9
3xStreak SRM-6
Armor 49.5 tons standard
Crew 14
Passengers 15
Escape Pods/Life Boats 2/0
Heat Sinks 214 Double Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) 9,897[2]
BV (2.0) 10,965[4]


Developed by Clan Snow Raven for Clan Blood Spirit, the Arcadia is the first dedicated ProtoMech transport developed by any Clan. Rather than act as a transport for large scale invasions, however, the Arcadia class ships are designed to deliver Blood Spirit forces to a world where they then engage in a Trial of Possession. The Snow Ravens, aware of the Blood Spirit's limited resources, made sure to use components that the Spirits had on hand and could repair easily. The only real extravagance on the ship are the Advanced Tactical Missile Launcher systems. The flexibility of these weapons offset their rarity.[2]

The Arcadia is designed to land on a world and answer a Trial of Possession. With this in mind, the Arcadia had to be fast to elude defenders in case they didn't offer safcon. This resulted in a vessel that is faster than any other Clan DropShip. Only the Noruff class vessels have a hope of catching it. Clan AeroSpace Fighters can catch it, but are massively outgunned by the Arcadia. These features allow the Blood Spirits to put forces on the ground or evade enemy forces, maximizing the use of their limited resources.[2]


Most of the armament of the Arcadia is based around the Heavy Laser. A total of 30 of these weapons, in various sizes, covers every firing arc. Inflicting massive damage, they provide enough firepower to encourage any opponent to permit an Arcadia to land. The fact that they're all energy based, and therefore not subject to ammunition shortages, only makes them more popular with the resource-strapped Spirits.[2]

For a quick and devastating blow, the Arcadia-class mounts a quartet of Ultra AC/20 autocannon. When fired at their highest rate, they're capable of inflicting 80% of the damage of a class 20 Naval Autocannon. This is more than enough to destroy or seriously damage any opponent foolish enough to close with the Arcadia. To provide longer range fire support, the Arcadia mounts several ATM systems. These weapons allow the captain to load extended range and short range munitions and fire them from the same launcher. This flexibility makes them perfect for the Arcadia, allowing for long range support and close in defense without requiring multiple missile systems.[2]


The first three bays are configured so they each carry a Point of ProtoMechs (fifteen total). Though the Arcadia doesn't carry any 'Mechs, the increased use of the ProtoMech in the Blood Spirit touman means that this is not a significant drawback. The fourth cargo bay can carry over 200 tons of cargo. The Blood Spirits anticipate using this to carry away the spoils from their victories.[2]


  • Arcadia (3080) 
    This version of the Arcadia reduces the ProtoMech carry capability to five, and adds two Battle Armor bays (2 squads worth). The weaponry has changed as well. Instead of the normal weapons complement, the 3080 refit carries ten Heavy Large Lasers, twenty Heavy Medium Lasers, four HAG/40s, six ATM-9 launchers. The most interesting upgrade however is the pair of Manta Ray sub-capital missile launchers in the nose. BV(2.0)=13,403[5]


In German products the unit's proper name was perfectly translated to Arkadia.



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