BattleTech (Video Game)/Vehicles

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Below is a listing of all non-'Mech units in the game, with their specifications.

BattleTech Video Game Vehicle Specifications[edit]

Name Tonnage Weapons Armor Speed
Scorpion 25 AC/5, MG
Galleon 30 Medium Laser, Two Small Laser
Striker 35 LRM-10, SRM-6
Sleipnir APC 50 Two Medium Laser, Two MG
Bulldog 60 Large Laser, Two SRM-4
LRM Carrier 60 Three LRM-20
Manticore 60 Medium Laser, PPC, LRM-10, SRM-6
SRM Carrier 60 Ten SRM-6 180
Demolisher 80 Two AC/20
Schrek PPC Carrier 80 Three PPC
Swift Wind 35
Swift Wind Armored 35
SLDF Medium Drone 60 Two Medium Laser, AC/5, SRM-6
SLDF Heavy Drone 80 Two PPC, LRM-10
Mobile HQ 25 Medium Laser
Mobile HQ Armored 25
Ammunition Transporter 25
Vargr APC 50 Two Medium Laser, Two MG
Wheeled APC 10 Two MG 180
Gallant* 70 LRM-10, SRM-2, AC/10, Four MG
Packrat* 25
Rotunda* 20
Alsvin APC* 50
Arvakr APC* 20 Two MG, Medium Laser, TAG
Inferno Carrier* 60 Six Infernos
Galleon TAG* 30 Two Small Laser, TAG
Shrek Snub-nose PPC Carrier* 80
Scorpion Mk II* 25 AC/5, MG
Striker NARC* 35 NARC++, SRM-6
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