Bellerophon (system)

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Bellerophon nearby systems (3151)
Bellerophon nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 12.05 : -471.94[e]

System Description[edit]

The Bellerophon system is in between Úr Cruinne and Detroit.

System History[edit]

As per 3025 the planet had recently been liberated from mercenaries and religious fanatics. The planet is arid, inhospitable and lightly-inhabited. This has caused conflicts over limited agricultural resources.

In 3026, the pirate band Hookworm's Highwaymen, that had been hitting several merchants on the Canopian-Aurigan Trade Route, had located its base in the planet when at the end of October, the Rampart Campany (the special operations unit of the Aurigan Coalition) hit their primary base, shooting up a bunch of the hab domes, collapsing their primary Mech Bay and killing most of the Highwaymen that were there. The pirate leader was not in the base, and when he received communication of the attack, he sent his remaining forces to crush the forces that had come to catch him. The pirates were in turn crushed in the final fight.[1]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 24 systems (24 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Detroit 17.4 Spencer 22.1 Úr Cruinne 27.4 Alloway 29.1
Appian 32.2 Polybius 32.2 Don't 33.5 Cygnus 37.0
Nuncavoy 40.1 Taygete 40.3 Chaadan 40.6 Zhaomaon 40.8
Contrilla 42.4 Linhauiguan 42.8 Huanghuadian 47.2 Sacromonte 47.4
Joppa 49.6 Fronc 50.6 Thamel 54.8 Highwater 55.9
Untran 56.4 Shaobuon 56.8 Rockwellawan 57.1 Independence 59.3


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