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Brin (Clan Jade Falcon)

Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon[1]
Rank Star Captain[1]
Profession MechWarrior[1]

Brin was a Star Captain in Trinary Alpha (D5BA) the 5th Battle Cluster and a member of Bloodhouse Anu.[1]


Brin was a ristar in Clan Jade Falcon. After taking part in the 3058 Incursion on the Lyran Alliance worlds of Neerabup, Ellengurg, and Coventry the 5th returned to garrison Quarell. On 25 November Star Captain Radulf was given command of Trinary Alpha, a position then-Star Commander Brin had expected to test for. In addition to that perceived slight, Radulf was a Warden, something Brin could not abide. In early December Trinary Alpha was sent to raid Tomans, where they encountered what was thought to be Clan Wolf-in-Exile breeding program facility, a Company of Donar's Hammer mercenary forces defending the facility, and a Trinary of Crusader Wolves also seeking to take possession of the facility. In the threeway brawl, Radulf and the facility were destroyed. On 27 December Brin had successfully tested to the rank of Star Captain, and Star Colonel Diane Anu had pledged to sponsor him for the next Anu Bloodname competition.[1]


Brin piloted a Stormcrow.[1]


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