Caterina Calderon

Caterina Calderon
Died 2574
Affiliation House Calderon
Profession Protector of the Taurian Concordat
Parents Amalthia Calderon (mother)
Siblings Ariana Calderon
Children Unnamed boy
Mitchell Calderon


Caterina Calderon (b. ???? - d. 2574), eldest child of Amalthia Calderon, was Protector during the Malagrotta Affair in March of 2573. She became Protector after her mother died in 2557. She had two sons, of which the eldest became a botanist, while the younger one, Mitchell, would become Protector after her death. She died in 2574 due to a series of strokes, and was succeeded by Mitchell Calderon.[1][2][3]

Following Mitchell's climb through the ranks of the Taurian Ministry of the Interior to head that Department in 2564 he began lobbying Caterina to expand the Concordat's defenses. Caterina was unwilling to do so, so Mitchell circumvented her somewhat by quietly expanding the mandate of both the Ministry of the Interior and the Concordat Constabulary by giving the Constabulary broad latitude in both intelligence gathering and counterintelligence, as well as authority over civil defense.[3]

Having refused to allow the Star League to intercede during the Malagrotta Crisis Caterina ultimately provided compensation for breaching the Omsol Accord, but the compensation paid was merely a token and the apology she issued was perfunctory at best.[3]


Please see the Malagrotta Affair for further information.


Preceded by
Amalthia Calderon
Protector of the Realm
2557 - 2574

Succeeded by
Mitchell Calderon


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