Craig Steiner

Craig Steiner
Character Profile
Born 23 October 2507[1][2]
Died 2555[1]
Affiliation House Steiner
Rank Archon[3]
Profession Noble
Parents Robert Steiner (father)
Lucinda Andruson (mother)
Spouse Rebecca Kemper[3]

Craig Steiner was the eighth Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.


Craig's reign as Archon began shortly after his 20th birthday, when his father stepped down.[4]

Shortly after taking the throne, Archon Craig was presenting awards at the Commonwealth Olympiad of Human Endavors when a mysterious assassin threw an explosive device at him. While Craig swiftly managed to duck behind the throne, which absorbed the blast, three bystanders were killed. Though the assassin was swiftly revealed and found to be acting alone, Craig ordered extensive throne room renovations. The ceiling was raised and reinforced, while a pair of massive doors were build behind the throne. [3]

On October 23, 2529, the Archon revealed the true purpose of his renovation work during his birthday celebration. The two huge doors swung open, revealing a pair of Griffin BattleMechs painted in the colors of the defunct 5th Royal Guards, which took their place on each side of his throne.[5] [6] The tradition that Griffins from the current Archon's favorite unit stand guard on what is known as Guardian Duty continued until Victor Steiner-Davion replaced them with a Crusader and Marauder in 3056.[7]

Another assassin struck in 2538, this time against the Speaker of the Assembly for the Estates General, Baroness Bethany Rand.[8] The attack was another lone wolf, but the Archon offered to have the Estates General's chambers modified similarly to the throne room, though they declined, feeling that having LCAF soldiers present during all their meetings would impinge on their privacy and independence. [3] Despite these two incidents, Craig's reign would later be termed "The Quiet Years" by future Commonwealth historians. Though the widespread fighting that characterized the Age of War was still ongoing, the Commonwealth as a whole enjoyed a period of overall prosperity and tranquility.[9]

Craig's later realized that the Lyran judiciary was developing major divergence in how the law of the Commonwealth was interpreted. In response, he established the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth on Donegal in 2543, with experienced judge (and his second cousin) Tracial as its first Chief Justice.[10] In one of the court's first major cases, the Chief Justice struck down a controversial tariff law personally written by the Archon, establishing the court's precedent as a powerful and independent body. [3]

In 2551, ambassadors from the Terran Hegemony came to Tharkad and set the local rumor mill abuzz, believing the two realms were planning a joint military action against their mutual enemy, the Draconis Combine. The truth, however, was even more grandiose. Cameron hoped to convince the Archon to join his plan for a single united government for humanity. More than any other state, Cameron knew that bringing the Commonwealth's economic clout into his project was key to its survival. Craig, however, feared the effects that open trade and emigration could have on the Commonwealth economy, and so talks proceeded for years.[11]

By 2554, Craig's health was already declining despite his relative youth, and he had no children to pass the throne to. Rather than divorce his beloved wife in the hopes of producing an heir, Craig named Chief Justice Tracial Steiner as the Archon-Designate. Tracial then stepped down from her post to join the secret negotiations with the Hegemony. Craig died the following year of heart failure.[3]


Craig Steiner restructured the Commonwealth judiciary through his creation of its supreme court, and added the iconic guardians to the Archon's throne, serving to protect Elizabeth Steiner from assassination centuries later in 2867.[6] His reign in general became known as "The Quiet Years," a contrast to the Dark Years of Steven Steiner and Margaret Olsen, the civil war that began Robert's reign or the economic crisis that came when the Commonwealth joined the Star League.


Craig Steiner is one of those unfortunate men whose image pales beside the flashier, more charismatic personalities of his time. Though he was responsible for many innovations in the Commonwealth government, history is fickle enough that we remember him best for altering the Throne Room.

From The Quiet Years, Yvonna DeCarls, Commonwealth Historical Press, 2569[3]


Craig's date of birth of 2507 is given in both House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) and Handbook: House Steiner.[1][4] However, House Steiner also states that Craig's parents married in 2511 and that Craig was born shortly after.[12] As Lucinda Andruson is referred to as Archon Robert's "long-time love," it is possible Craig was born before they were married, or that the date of their marriage is in error.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Robert Steiner
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Tracial Steiner

25282555Robert SteinerLyran Commonwealth


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