Cyrus Hubbard

Cyrus Hubbard
AffiliationLyran Alliance

Cyrus Hubbard was the commanding officer of the Pandora College Training Battalion as of 3047.[2]


Kommandant Hubbard, serving with the Pandora College Training Battalion, was stationed on Pandora in 3050 and remained there by 3062.[3][2] In addition to his duties as battalion commander, Hubbard also oversaw the College's BattleMech training programs and was constantly changing the courses to suit his cadet's abilities, from ordering additional training for struggling students to providing advanced tuition for especially talented pupils. Hubbard was a graduate of the prestigious Nagelring and resented his assignment to Pandora but, after fifteen years of teaching, realized that his students were no less skilled than students from other academies and were even better prepared for combat in many regards.[2]

Following the Federated Commonwealth Civil War and the loss of Pandora to Clan Jade Falcon, Hubbard and his Training Battalion had relocated to Crimond by 3067.[4] After the Jihad, now-Colonel Hubbard and the rechristened Pandora Cavaliers had once again relocated to Kandersteg by 3085.[1]


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