House Grimm

House Grimm
Family Profile
Title(s) King
Founded 2840
Affiliation Oberon Confederation

House Grimm, the ruling dynasty of the Oberon Confederation, began with LCAF Colonel Hendrik Grimm who had close ties to House Steiner. The psychotic Colonel broke with House Steiner in 2840, fled into the periphery with his unit, and settled on Oberon VI in the 2840s (and prior to 2855). There, he established the rule of the Grimm family over the Oberon Confederation for some two centuries ("for over 170 years" as of ca. 3025), until the Oberon Confederation was overrun by the Clans in 3049.



It was noted that the power of the Grimm family grew rapidly in the decades preceding 3025.[1] Although not explicitly stated, time and place seem to suggest some connection between this and the Jolly Roger Affair.

In 3012, one (other) Hendrik Grimm, apparently Hendrik Grimm II from the context,[2] refounded the Oberon Confederation "as a mockery of a state".[3] Circumstantial evidence suggests this "founding" refers to him turning the relatively obscure periphery nation (that had already existed for over two centuries at the time, and was ruled by the Grimm family since the 2840s) into the notorious pirate realm it became in the early 31st century.

King Hendrik III was killed by the Clans in 3049, and his head paraded through the city on a pike.[2]

The last mention of a member of House Grimm was General Johann Grimm, who was listed as CO of the "Oberon Guards (Disarmed by Clans)" as of 3054.[4] Hendrik III's daughter (and Johann's sister) Ella Grimm also survived the Clan Invasion; she was not on Oberon VI but somewhere in the Inner Sphere at the time under the name "Ella Grimes", and received a recorded message from her late father that he had sent after escaping from Clan captivity (and shortly before he was recaptured, sentenced to death, and executed).

Grimm family tree[edit]

House Grimm
Hendrik I
Hendrik II
Hendrik III

Other known members of House Grimm[edit]

  • Hendrik Grimm IV (uncertain if this was the name of a real person, or if the name was just floated as decoy used by Hendrik III)

Use of the numerals for the line of Oberon Kings named Hendrik was apparently optional. In the early 31st century, many references to "Hendrik Grimm" refer to Hendrik III, or in some instances possibly to Hendrik II (but not to the original Hendrik Grimm who would be over 200 years old by that time). Also, the first name is sometimes misspelled as "Hendrick".

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]

Descending from a rogue Lyran officer, House Grimm were the self-styled Kings of Oberon VI and the Oberon Confederation since the 2840s. Deposed by the Clan Invasion in 3049, they apparently had no part in the Confederation's re-formation some five decades later. The respective fates of Johann Grimm and Ella "Grimes" Grimm are unknown.

In 3057, an orphaned BattleMech company from the Oberon Confederation who had been abroad on a raiding mission when the Clans overran the Confederation fought among the mercenary forces of Stefan Amaris VII on New St. Andrews. They were defeated by Duncan's Demons, but it is stated what exactly happened to them in that battle or the subsequent mop-up operations by the Knights of the Inner Sphere.[5]


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