Imperator Automatic Weaponry

Imperator Automatic Weaponry
Imperator automatic weaponry.jpg
Corporation Profile
AffiliationFree Worlds League
HeadquartersAtreus City (Atreus)[1]

Imperator Automatic Weaponry was one of the largest manufacturers of weaponry in the Inner Sphere.


For many years, Imperator Automatic Weaponry was a subsidiary of Kallon Industries and before that, Earthwerks Incorporated, before gaining legal autonomy in 3056. The company had a large backlog of orders to fill, and was accused of accepting "priority production fees" in order to expedite orders for some clients. Though the allegations rose in 3064, Imperator ignored them and only suffered a minor drop in share price.[1]

As of 3068, the demand for missiles, weapons systems (both replacements and upgrades), armor, and support technology of all sorts had been absolutely phenomenal, and the company was in back-order status for the first time since 3065.[2]

When the Free Worlds League fragmented and the Marik Commonwealth became an independent nation again, the Commonwealth found itself critically short of weapon supplies due to the trade problems endemic within the former Free Worlds League and restrictions on trade. As a manufacturer already established within Commonwealth space, Imperator Automatic Weaponry stepped up. Many 'Mechs within the Commonwealth military were modified to take the Imperator Ultra model autocannon, and with the heavy urban combat seen to retake Atreus, the larger grade Imperator autocannon became increasingly popular. One of the anecdotes of the era was that the Eleventh Atrean Dragoons replaced so many weapons with Imperator autocannons that if it wasn't for the purple Marik eagle, the unit could have been mistaken for an Armed Forces of the Federated Suns unit.[3]

Gauss rifles and autocannons rolled off Imperator's production lines without problem in 3079.[4]

Brand Components[edit]

Imperator Automatic Weaponry is known to produce the following brand components:

Component Notes / Used By
Personal Weapons
Imperator 2894A1 Submachine Gun [5]
Imperator 9 mm Auto-Pistol [6]
Imperator AX-22 Assault Rifle [7]
Imperator Smoothie-2 Shipped to Draconis Combine for Mauler and JagerMech[8]
Imperator Zeta-A F-700 Riever /Shipped to Draconis Combine for Riever[8]
Imperator-B Banshee,[9] Koschei[10]
LB 10-X AC
Imperator Code Red Shipped to Draconis Combine for Wolf Trap and Slayer[8]
Ultra AC/5
Imperator Ultra-5 Cicada, Hermes II, Shadow Hawk, Rifleman /Shipped to Federated Commonwealth for Vulcan and to Draconis Combine for JagerMech[8]
Ultra AC/10
Imperator Ultra-10 [11]
Gauss rifle
Imperator Dragon's Fire Shipped to Draconis Combine for Victor, Atlas, and Slayer[8]
Light AC/2
unknown [12]
Light AC/5
Imperator Napoleon Poignard[13]


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