Krester's Ship Construction

Krester's Ship Construction
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Terra
Terra Firma
Primary Products DropShips

Krester's Ship Construction was one of the largest shipbuilding companies of the Star League. At its height, it operated more than 30 shipyards, with 6 located outside the Terran Hegemony, and was a major manufacturer for the Star League Defense Force.[1]


The company was headquartered on Station Alpha, a satellite in orbit of Terra. Other major company facilities included Keid, Thorin, Terra Firma and Yorii. Though it was a primary supplier of the SLDF, the company also wished to do business with the other Great Houses, which put it in conflict with the League. During the designing of the Behemoth and Mammoth DropShips, the company was assured that it could sell the designs to foreign markets. However, when prototypes of both ships made their maiden flights in 2658, the government immediately put them on the advanced-technology blacklist, limiting their sale to the Hegemony and creating financial hardship for the company. Two years later, both prototypes were stolen from their moorings above Keid. The Hegemony government, realizing the prototypes would be copied and sold anyway, relented and allowed Krester's to sell to foreigners.[1]

Whether Krester's was behind the theft of its own ships was never proven, and it continued to be a primary supplier for the SLDF. Krester's would not survive the fall of the Star League, and many of its facilities, such as the orbital yards at Keid, were destroyed in the fighting.[1] While the facility at Terra would be decommissioned, the shipyards at Keid, Terra Firma, Thorin and Yorii were all destroyed during the First Succession War.[2]


The company was led by the Kester family of Terra.[citation needed]


Components produced by Krester:
Component Type
Aqueduct-class[3] DropShip
Behemoth-class[1] DropShip
Mammoth-class[1] DropShip
Kimagure-class WarShip
Texas-class[4] WarShip
Kearny-Fuchida Drive
KF Tiger I Texas[4]
Interplanetary Drive - Combat Jumpships
Rolls Royce Krakens Texas[4]
Armor - Warships
Panthex YM1 Texas[4]
Communications System
Pathfinder 43CD Texas[4]
Targeting-Tracking System
MORSAT Texas[4]


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