Kyle Powers

Kyle Powers
Died 10 March 3133
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Knight-Errant of the Republic

Kyle Powers (b. 3??? - d. 10 March 3133) was a Knight-Errant MechWarrior for The Republic of the Sphere. He is described as tall, slender and with a silver flattop.[1]

Notable Actions[edit]

Knight-Errant Kyle Powers was originally stationed on Ronel though it is not clear when he arrived or how long he was on planet. His arrival there altered the plans of Kal Radick, leader of the Steel Wolves, who was planning an invasion of Ronel. It was feared that Powers' presence would bolster the planets defense and jeapordize the invasions' chances of success. To draw Powers away from Ronel, Radick designed a diversionary attack on neighboring Achernar to be led by Star Colonel Torrent.[2] Powers was relieved on Ronel by Knight-Errant Janella Lakewood[3] and arrived on Achernar around, 26 February 3133.[4] Powers' arrival on Achernar helped create a short-lived alliance between the Republic and the Swordsworn against the invading Steel Wolves.[5]

The alliance would quickly fail. With Kyle Powers now influencing the Republic defense on Archernar, the Swordsworn used the alliance to drag Powers into a more destructive conflict with the Steel Wolves. Their plan was to weaken both forces enough so that a Swordsworn take-over of the planet would be assured. Led by Erik Sandoval-Groell, the Swordsworn ambushed a Steel Wolves salvage team on 1 March 3133.[6]

Star Colonel Torrent, leader of the Steel Wolves, considered this a dishonorable attack and used it as an opportunity to destroy the Republic-Swordsworn alliance by eliminating the person who founded it.[7] Threatening attacks on Achernar's infrastructure and HPG station, Torrent challenged Powers to a Trial of Grievance.[8]


Powers, Torrent and their forces met on 10 March 3133.[9] During the Trial of Grievance Powers repeatedly split his fire, making every effort to insult Torrent by doing so. It would cost him. A laser blast from Torrent's Tundra Wolf to the cockpit of Powers' Jupiter would kill him.[10]

Later events reveal that Powers may have sacrificed himself to feed a disruptive rivalry building in the Steel Wolves between Torrent and Star Colonel Colten Fetladral who was leading the attack on Ronel.[11][12] But Torrent's victory was a short lived one: Raul Ortega, MechWarrior and militia reservist, defeated the colonel, forcing it to flee and lost the trial. Powers was incinerated and his ashes dispersed over the battlefield where he died, as he wished. Raul takes Kyle's place as commander of the Republic's forces in Achernar, avenging Powers, killing Torrent and defeating the wolves, forcing them out of Achernar. After the battle, the knight Jabella Lakewood choses Raul as Powers successor.


Kyle Powers piloted a Jupiter BattleMech he named, "Jove". This machine is described as having a paint scheme of "bands of tans, yellows and faded reds with one great red spot swirling in a storm over the Jupiter’s left chest.".[13]

Afters Powers' death, "Jove" is repaired and piloted by Raul Ortega in the final battle against the wolves. It can be assumed that the mech remains in Ortega's possession.[14]


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