Li Weaver

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Li Weaver Era Report 3052.jpg.png
Li Weaver
Born 2996
Affiliation House Weaver
Earl of Lefarge
Speaker of the Parliament
Children Lilith Weaver
Four other children[1]

Li Weaver (born 2996[2] – died ????) served as a soldier and, later, Speaker of the Parliament in the Free Worlds League during the 31st Century.


Li Weaver was born on the planet Bowang, a major trading world within the Free Worlds League. As his family ran one of the largest and most trusted trading houses on the planet, Li quickly learned the art of the deal. He soon earned himself a reputation as a keen negotiator in the many arrangements made between the trading houses. However, while business was his family's trade, Li wanted to expand his horizons.[2]

Upon coming of age, he enlisted in the Free Worlds League Military. During the Third Succession War, he would distinguished himself as an able commander while leading several battalions during a campaign against the Capellan Confederation. On the worlds of Krin and Exedor, Li would use his negotiation skills wildly while coordinating between elements of the Fusiliers of Oriente and Smithson's Chinese Bandits.[3]

When his tour of duty ended, Li returned to Bowang where he entered politics. His business acumen, military background and noble title, would help him earn the position of Member of Parliament for Bowang. In his first year, his negotiating skills proved themselves where he gathered together a coalition of unconnected members, and in the case of some - openly hostile to each other, to defeat a trade bill from being passed. Prior to his involvement, none thought the bill could be defeated. His success brought him to the attention of Christopher Halas, the Duke of Oriente. Halas would enlist Weaver's aid in drafting speeches and legislation on behalf of Halas who was working closely with Janos Marik. Working quietly behind the scenes and gaining favors owed to him, Li Weaver began his rise in Parliament where he would find himself as Speaker of the Parliament, one of the most powerful positions within the League.[2][3]

When the Captain-General Thomas Marik came to power, Li was initially leery of the changes he wanted to make within the League. However, upon learning more about the streamlining of laws and becoming more familiar with Thomas Marik personally, Li became a champion of Thomas' reforms. He is rightly credited with helping to shape the modern Free Worlds League more than any other person besides Thomas Marik.[2]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Speaker of the Parliament

Succeeded by


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