MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Trial on Alshain 1

Trial on Alshain[edit]

Only the bravest and most noble of Clan Ghost Bear are admitted to the Warrior Caste. You must now pass the Blooding, a Trial of Position created by Nicholas Kerensky to test the mettle of those who would be warriors.

In the first stage of the Trial, cadets are powerless, armed only with a handweapon. Freeborns, who can improve their lot by defeating a Trueborn, face them in close battle. Only those obviously unfit for the rank of MechWarrior fall. You have survived this stage, and have mounted your ‘Mech. Now you face the true Trial.

If you defeat one ‘Mech, you will receive the rank of MechWarrior; if you defeat two, Star Commander; if three, Star Captain.

As you do battle, recall the words of The Remembrance, which attests to the eminence of the position that you covet:

…And above all, the Warriors who protect:

They shall have our cooperation and worship,

For they are the blood and soul of us all.

-The Remembrance, Passage 67, Verse 26, Lines 35-37


  • Planet: Alshain, Polotmy Mountains
  • Terrain: Snowy Valley
  • Time: Day
  • Temperature: -30 C

Clan law dictates that, to become a warrior, a cadet must endure the Blooding. You will be pitted against three BattleMechs.

Your rank will be decided by the number of ‘Mechs you conquer. If you fail to defeat even one, you will be relegated to a lower caste. Destroy as many ‘Mechs as possible. Once your ‘Mech is destroyed, return to debriefing for your Trial results.

Additionally, choose your ‘Mech well, as you will take it with you whereever you are posted. Assuming you pass this Trial.


  • Primary: Destroy one ‘Mech for rank of MechWarrior
  • Secondary: Destroy second ‘Mech for rank of Star Commander
  • Tertiary: Destroy third ‘Mech for rank of Star Captain


Transmission: From Sibko Trainer

You have worked all your life for this Trial. Are you good enough to be a MechWarrior? Time to prove it, Cadet.

All right, Cadet. Time to see what you have learned.


You have faced your equals, and they have found you worthy. You have been assigned to Alpha Assault Star of the 72nd Assault Trinary, 304th Assault Cluster, Beta Galaxy of Clan Ghost Bear. You will serve under Star Captain Edwin Bekker.

You will continue to fight Trials of Position whenever your commanders decide that you are worthy of a higher rank.

You have earned the rank of Star Captain.


You will be joining the 72nd Trinary on Mannedorf. Not exactly the front lines, but there will definitely be enough action for you. I just hope you are as good as they say you are.


You have been assigned to a regiment of great honor. Beta Galaxy fought on Tukayyid, which ended in defeat for the Clans, but glory for Ghost Bear. In the Fifth Wave of the invasion of the Inner Sphere, your Trinary captured Mannedorf by defeating a company of mercenaries, and discovered an underground Star League base. Now, Ghost Bear techs are adding an HPG uplink and three gun turrets to the existing base in order to establish a listening post to monitor activity in the Inner Sphere. You will join your Trinary on Mannedorf, where they are posted to guard duty. If you conduct yourself with honor, you will earn the right to more dangerous assignments.

You now embark on a lifelong quest to win honor for yourself and your Clan. As a MechWarrior, you aspire to the greatest glory of all: earning your Bloodname and adding your genetic material to that of the Clan so that your genes will mix with those of ancient heroes to produce the next generation of warriors.

Conduct yourself always with valor and honor, and remember the teachings of Sandra Tseng and Hans Jorgensson, the founders of Clan Ghost Bear. Stand proud, but do not remove yourself from companionship. Follow the orders of your superiors, but remember too that Tseng and Jorgensson challenged Nicholas Kerensky’s attempt to part them and were later honored for their defiance.

Fight with the steel claws and deadly cunning of the noble beast whose name we carry.