Mercer (DropShip class)

Production information
Manufacturer Clan Steel Viper
Production Year 3065[1]
Use Assault Transport
Type Military Spheroid
Tech Base Clan
Technical specifications
Mass 4500 tons
Structural Integrity 30
Length 82 meters
Width 65 meters
Height 65 meters
Drive System ???
Safe Thrust 2.5 g
Max Thrust 4 g
Fuel (tons) 100
Fuel (days)
Armor 66 tons standard
Crew 20
Passengers 10
Escape Pods/Life Boats 4/0
Heat Sinks 175 Double Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) 11,188[citation needed]
BV (2.0) 18,038[3]


Clan Steel Viper engineers developed the Mercer-class DropShip after their ejection from the Inner Sphere by Clan Jade Falcon. To show that they were still a force to be reckoned with, the Vipers planned an assault on their longtime enemies, Clan Snow Raven. Knowing the Ravens would challenge any landing attempts they made, the Viper Khans realized that they needed a heavily armed and well protected 'Mech transport. The Viper Khan's concern was simple: The massive naval forces of the Snow Ravens would rip through a standard fleet of Union-C DropShips, destroying 'Mech Trinaries before they even hit the ground.[4]

With this in mind, the Mercer was developed to move a full Trinary into position[citation needed], while maximizing the armament and protection mounted on the hull. Ultimately the 'Mech storage capacity was reduced to a single Binary, but the armor protection mounted on the Mercer was maximized. In the Viper's attack on Lum, the Mercer performed well, delivering its cargo of 'Mechs to the ground while still fighting off the Snow Raven forces. While ultimately unsuccessful, the assault on Lum disrupted production for nearly two months.[4]

The Snow Ravens were able to down at least two Mercer-class DropShips in flight and destroy a third on the ground. It is unknown if any of these vessels were salvageable.


Most of the Mercer's armament appears to be geared at fighting aerospace fighters and other DropShips. The Pulse Lasers and LRM's with Artemis IV fire control systems improve the odds of hitting fast moving targets, while the Streak SRM-6 launchers won't fire until they have a target lock. For long range direct fire support, the Mercers mount a large array of Extended Range PPCs and Extended Range Large Lasers. Firing into every arc, these weapons can damage opponents regardless of distance. To provide additional firepower, the nose mounts a pair of Gauss rifles. These long-range, low heat weapons will inflict serious damage on any DropShip or aerospace fighter foolish enough to get in their path.[4]

One thing that has baffled some Inner Sphere observers is the lack of LB-X Autocannon. These weapons typically allow for a higher hit probability against fast moving targets like aerospace fighters. Though they may be an "inelegant" weapon, the Clans traditional disdain for using DropShips in combat would seem to negate that problem.[4]


The primary cargo bay on the Mercer, accessible through four doors, is devoted to storing a Binary of Clan OmniMechs. This includes the 'Mechs and facilities to maintain them. The second bay, with its two access doors, contains ammunition, spare parts, and consumables for the Mercer and her 'Mech cargo. Almost 600 tons of cargo room allow the Mercers in the Steel Viper touman to remain operational.[4]


The Mercer entered service in 3065 and has only seen one conflict. As such it is too soon to expect any variants to appear.


  • In German products, the unit's proper name was altered to Krämer, which translates to Chandler.



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