Purifier Cluster (Clan Protectorate)

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Purifier Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Free Worlds League Military
Formed 3100


The warriors of the Purifiers have completely immersed themselves in the old ways of vision quests and mystic trances during battle.

Despite their effectiveness in combat, Kev Rosse has had to lay down some strict rules to prevent the widespread recklessness that characterized the first battles the Purifiers engaged in, due to heavy losses sustained in the first few months of the cluster’s activities.

Even so, most warriors in the unit continue to believe the mystic glyphs and patterns painted on their equipment give them special protection from harm.[1]

The Trinaries of the Purifier Cluster are generally used for heavy assault operations, most commonly for declaring Trials of Possession against Wolf Empire assets. The few times this Cluster has been observed in combat, very few—if any—of its opponents have survived to be taken as bondsmen, regardless of whether or not the unit has Clan origins. Also, the Cluster seems to nurse a deep-seated hatred of Clan Wolf, although the reason for this feud is undetermined.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Purifier Cluster
Star Colonel Jacinta Lossey 3136[1]

Other Officers[edit]

Composition History[edit]


  • Purifiers Cluster (3 Trinaries / Regular)


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