Sian Dragoons

Brigade Insignia of the Sian Dragoons
Sian Dragoons
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
Sub-Command(s) See Units of the Sian Dragoons


The Sian Dragoons were formed when the first battalion of WAM-B BattleMechs were assigned to support armor regiments. As the BattleMech began to dominate the battlefield, the Dragoons increased their size until they were one of the largest CCAF commands. During the Age of War they were frequently seen on multiple battlefields, but other regiments were often flashier and the Dragoons' contributions were overlooked. With the formation of the SLDF, most of the Sian Dragoons units were disbanded, but some were recreated in 2765.[1]

As part of the "Hidden Lion" initiative, Chancellor Daoshen Liao recreated the Sian Dragoons. They were first seen in combat during Operation GREAT FLOOD. The Strategios used the Sian Dragoons, broken down into battalion sized formations, as part of a large misdirection project. During the early part of GREAT FLOOD, the RAF was fooled into thinking that there were twelve regiments of Sian Dragoons. The Republic's intelligence service was able to correct this misconception in 3135 and discovered that there were only four active Dragoon regiments.[2]

2nd Andurien War[edit]

Many regiments of the Sian Dragoons participated in the 2nd Andurien War.

Succession Wars[edit]

Little is known of the Brigade's actions during the Succession Wars other than that they no longer existed by the end of the Third Succession War.[3]


The Sian Dragoons brigade was re-formed sometime between 3113 and 3134 as one of the Hidden Lion brigades resurrected by Chancellor Daoshen Liao using stockpiled equipment.[3] The new Sian Dragoons used the Augmented Regiment formations commonly found in the CCAF by 3145.[4] They were the front-line regiments of the Tikonov Commonality.[5]

Operation GREAT FLOOD[edit]

Their brigade participated in Operation GREAT FLOOD, where their appearance for their first active deployment they would continually use different regiment designation to make appearance that 4 regiment strong brigade was large than it already was. The regiment capture number of Republican worlds during the operation. While some of regiments acted as reinforcement, including participating in second battle of Tikonov, while securing additional worlds by hopping various trouble spots.[3]

Operation CELESTIAL REWARD[edit]

While most of the Dragoons withdrew back to original postings, the 5th Dragoons were deployed in Operation CELESTIAL REWARD support against forces trying take Tikonov. They were also deployed other worlds in this operation's area. This is where the regiment's unique attachment of ConstructionMechs were deployed to build fortifications to aid various holdings the Confederation had captured during the operation.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Sian Dragoons


Different per unit.

Units of the Sian Dragoons[edit]

The Sian Dragoons consisted of 17 regiments in 2765;[1] the Sian Dragoons expanded significantly in the buildup to the First Succession War, with the Strategios adding seven new regiments to the brigade via the recruitment of Star League Defense Force personnel and units. More regiments of the Sian Dragoons were founded during the First Succession War, although a number of regiments were destroyed in action.[6][7]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]


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