Takiro Hutchinson

Takiro Hutchinson
AffiliationDraconis Combine
RankChu-i [1]

Takiro Hutchinson was a loyal officer of the Dragon and member of the Second Sword of Light during its involvement in the Black Dragon's coup attempt on Luthien in 3067.[2]


The Second Sword captured the Voice of the Dragon's Luthien compound in the final week of December 3067 and the Imperial Palace on New Year's Day 3068.[3] When Li Sak To attempted to execute several captured members of the Otomo, he faced open rebellion from one of his officers, Chu-i Takiro Hutchinson. Hutchinson blocked To by moving his Katana 'Mech in front of To's Akuma and forcing To into a savage duel. The duel distracted the Second Sword long enough to allow the Otomo to sound the alarm, alerting the First Genyosha of the attempted coup.[1]


Takiro Hutchinson piloted a Katana.[1]


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