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Current Status[edit]

I just got my brand new computer today. Until now, I had been doing everything on a 12 inch Dell inspiron notebook. The new model is a 23 inch all in one. :D Big difference in my view of the world.

I'm still learning about all the things I can do with this one.

From the Top[edit]

I have to say, I love writing articles here at Sarna. Its an interesting experience. I hope that the newer players from MWO and MW Tactics who enjoy reading here will check out the refs and bibliography sections at the bottom of the articles, and pick up the books from which these characters, places, and wondrous things called BattleMechs originate. The books are the real deal, we're all just fans here. Articles can only tell so much of the story.

Me and BT[edit]

I've been a BattleTech fan since twelve years old. I first played it in my friend's basement with a few people at a sleepover. I killed a Rifleman with a Phoenix Hawk using the jump jets to leap from heavy woods to a shallow lake and back and fourth from there as needed to cool off until the final back hit blew the AC ammo. Good times, indeed.

The fiction surrounding the BT universe kept me coming back, however. Tastes change, but the story itself was so compelling that I could overlook any flaws or shortfalls in the writing department. I'm a fan of literature in general, from Kurt Vonnegut (almost anything by the master) to John Gardner (Grendel is truly a masterpiece, read it) to Ernest Hemingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls was excellent, especially all the Spanish cultural refs contained) and Larry McMurtry (All My Friends Are Going to be Strangers - a wonderful example of a novel that truly works in textures of emotion. Also, a novel/movie called The Last Picture Show is really good). Science Fiction has always had a special place in particular, Heinlein, Herbert, Bradbury... even Lucas (I love the stories in SW, even if the prequels were contrived and awkward as all heck and only a handful of actors had anything resembling chemistry on the set).

The concept behind a Wiki is something that I really like and believe in, so I now spend a pretty good amount of time filling in the needed Clan characters and other related pages. It has sharpened my writing skills in general, and interestingly, I learn quite a bit from everyone here; what better way to know someone than by seeing their writing and work on a daily basis? No conversation is needed, really, though coordination is a must in some regards, such as the various projects here at Sarna.

Regarding Me Personally[edit]

In college I was a tutor of English, Literature, Poetry, and Business Communications, a course I never actually took, but when I protested, my boss, Herr Director of Library Services said it did not matter. I was aghast at hearing that, but it seems the Boss was right; my students went from E and D grades to B's and A's. I worked directly for my institution, by the way, and also instructed ESL labs. Toward the end I tutored all classes that had a non-math textbook component, regardless of whether or not I actually took the course.

I love to write, but I think the only thing I like more than writing is reading a well-written story.

Wiki Stuff[edit]

I used to have a big list here of pages that I had worked on or created, but that will become unwieldy soon, as sometimes I turn up the volume and throw down a lot of pages, small as some of them may be. At the bottom of each Clan Character is a link to the "Category: Clan Characters" page, that's where most of my work is, and the rest is on other Clan related pages.

But I am unabashedly proud of a few pages in particular. Nothing big, just cool pages...

As for Character Bios...

The ilKhan pages were fun to do, too!

The Clan Coyote page is a collaborative effort with LittleWolf, and with support from various other veterans of the wiki. You know who you are.

Important links[edit]

CGL Style Guide for BattleTech