Great Work (short story)

This article is about the Shrapnel story. For the term, see Great Work (tradition).

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Great Work
Story information
Author James Bixby
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 14
Universe Date 20 January 3075 - 17 April 3151

Great Work is a short story by James Bixby that was published in the fourteenth issue of Shrapnel.

Plot summary

During the Word of Blake Jihad, Clan Ghost Bear MechWarrior Claudio is attempting to create his own Great Work, without success, after trying several classes of art. Without 'mech, he had been left dispossessed, and was assigned a salvaged Federated Suns Osiris. After turning it on, he uncovers it has a digital assistant named Hikaru, and the 'Mech itself is plagued with problems. Without any technician available, he had to attempt to solve the problems himself. Months later, after he had been promoted to Star Commander, he was still fighting to solve the Osiris' software problems, and had to learn how to do it.

A year later, Claudio had reached the rank of Star Captain, and still hadn't solved all the Osiris' problems. After his tech made a reset of the 'Mech, Claudio reinstalls Hikaru, as he had began appreciating her.

Five years later, after now Major Claudio Vong retires from the 'Bears touman, immigrating to the Republic of the Sphere, he finally presents his Great Work: his finally tamed 'Mech, which he has named, precisely, Great Work.

At the eve of IlClan Trial, the Clan Jade Falcon Warrior Edward is assigned to the Great Work 'Mech, salvaged from the Republic forces, and saw himself assaulted by Hikaru's apparition and a cacophony of classic music while he goes to the fight.

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