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Hendrik Grimm

This article is about the first (29th century) Hendrik Grimm (I). For his successors, see House Grimm.
Hendrik Grimm
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Oberon Confederation
Profession Colonel
Pirate King
Children (yes)

Character HistoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Hendrik Grimm was considered a bright rising star in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces in the early 29th century and had earned fame at a young age already as a battalion commander in the 3rd Lyran Guards[1] with the reported rank of "Major"[2] (although technically, that rank does not exist in the LCAF; its equivalent is "Kommandant" instead).

In "recent" years just prior to 2839 he developed violent mood swings, however, that got him into vicious fights. Only his close ties to House Steiner prevented a court-martial on three occasions. An examination found that he suffered from a psychiatric disorder that required immediate treatment; however, he was instead made Colonel and given command of the 6th Lyran Regulars (Old One-Eyes; see Notes) which was considered a "safe" assignment for him.[1][2]


As of 2839 Grimm's regiment was stationed on Graham IV, a planet recently captured in a Lyran offensive against the Free Worlds League. A surprise counterattack saw the Lyran forces on Graham IV facing superior enemy forces. When the LCAF could not provide requested support in time, Grimm snapped. His paranoia led him to believe that he had been sent to hold an untenable position because his superiors wanted him dead.[1][2] He even claimed that the reason for the plot was that he was the true heir to the Star League's throne.[1]

Against explicit orders, he ordered the 6th Lyran Regulars to withdraw from Graham IV in February/March 2840, effectively surrendering the planet to the League.[1][2][3] House Steiner attempted to strip him of his commands and reclaim as many troops and equipment as possible, ultimately declaring them renegade and placing a price on his head. However, they found the crazed colonel had lost none of his battlefield prowess.[1] Grimm's forces marauded the Lyran Commonwealth/Free Worlds League border for eleven weeks.[2]

Oberon ConfederationEdit

The Sixth Lyran Regulars managed to escape into the periphery virtually intact[1] and, picking up defectors from the shattered Fifth Lyran Regulars on the way,[2] settled on the warm temperate world of Oberon VI sometime "in the 2840s" where Grimm recreated the moribund Oberon Confederation into his personal pirate empire.[4]

While on one hand it was said that madmen like Hendrik Grimm subjugated populations and bent them to their will,[5] it was also noted that in the early days of Grimm's empire, they raided the Lyran Commonwealth and Draconis Combine mostly for supplies and spare parts, and did not plunder simply for plunder's sake; the descendants of Hendrik Grimm I were primarily genuinely concerned with the welfare of their subjects.[6]

Following a crushing defeat on Kreller in the Combine's Marathon Offensive between 2860 and 2862,[7] the decimated War Griffins mercenary cadre hired on with Hendrik Grimm and reportedly helped him carve out what would become the Oberon Confederation; the War Griffins remained an independent company of the First Oberon Guards until their parent regiment was crushed in 3049.[8] This confirms that Hendrik Grimm (I) lived and ruled at least into the 2860s.


  • Different sources give different units that Hendrik Grimm commanded on Graham IV. In the first version of the story that was published in House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) it is the 65th Lyran Regulars, as does the entry in Handbook: Major Periphery States. Handbook: House Steiner listed him as commanding the 54th Lyran Regulars but official errata indicated this should read "65th". The most recent source, Second Succession War (sourcebook), establishes the unit as the 6th Lyran Regulars. An official Developer Level clarification by then-Assistant Line Developer Ray "Adrian Gideon" Arrastia clarified that "There was never a possibility for a 65th, so it had to be addressed. The old logo/nick was for the old 6th, then the “65th” as the combined unit was known." (referring to the combined unit being the 6th Lyran Regulars plus elements of the shattered 5th).
  • It is often stated that the "grandfather" of infamous pirate king Hendrik Grimm III founded the Oberon Confederation as a mockery of a state. However, this would not have been Hendrik Grimm I given that they are some two centuries apart, with Hendrik Grimm a colonel as of 2840 and Hendrik Grimm III a pirate king as of 3025. Available information establishes that this instead refers to Hendrik Grimm II, who reforged the Confederation from an obscure minor periphery power into what quickly became a feared pirate realm in 3012. It should be noted that the Oberon Confederation technically existed as such since 2775 and was already ruled by House Grimm since the 2840, but was apparently a failed interstellar state that existed only on paper until it was reforged in 3012.


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