Melissa Allard-Liao

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Melissa Allard-Liao
Character Profile
Born September 3058[1][2]
Died October 3111[3][4]
Affiliation House Allard-Liao
Position Senator
Profession Noble
Parents Kai Allard-Liao (father)[5]
Deirdre Lear (mother)
Siblings David Lear

Melissa Allard-Liao was the daughter of Kai Allard-Liao and Deirdre Lear and a noted supporter of the Republic of the Sphere.[6]



In 3068 Melissa was kidnapped alongside her friend Fernando and his father Hector by the Bounty Hunter as part of a plan to kill Kai Allard-Liao.[5]


As the Jihad drew to a close Melissa actively spoke on a number of worlds in support of the Renascent Hegemony, arguing in support of the creation of what would become the state known as the Republic of the Sphere, despite her position angering Capellan nationalists. Melissa gave a speech on Shensi in early February 3079 that drew attention from the St. Ives Press,[6] and it was noted in the press on Terra in 3080 that her grassroots efforts in support of Devlin Stone and his ideas for the new state were popular among the troops that had formed a part of the allied coalition forces against the Word of Blake.[7]

A rally organized by Melissa on the 22nd of September 3079 was marred by a bombing by pro-Capellan agents that killed almost 200 people.[8] The rally was being held in the Vyacheslav Kozar Square in the capital city of Tikograd and involved thirteen separate car bombs, although it wasn't confirmed if Melissa or any of the other scheduled speakers were particular targets. Melissa reacted angrily to attempts by the press to turn the bombing into a political issue, condemning the terrorist bombing as an atrocity and stating that the callous disregard for life shown had no place in a free and open society.[9]

Despite the bombing on Tikonov Melissa continued to attend rallies on former Capellan worlds, speaking on Genoa on the 19th of November 3079.[10] In April 3081 it was announced that Melissa would be a member of the executive committee of the Capellan Transitional Council, the group charged with easing the integration of former Capellan worlds into the Republic of the Sphere; at just 23 years old, Melissa was the youngest member to be appointed to the council.[2]

David Lear, Melissa's older brother and advisor to Devlin Stone, suggested elevating Melissa into the ranks of the nobility on the planet Liao as a means for possibly having her raised to the post of either Planetary Governor or Senator for Liao, one of a number of political appointments intended to stack the deck within the Republic's political system in favor of Stone and his policies.[11]

Melissa would eventually become a Republic Senator, having been retired by her death in 3113. Melissa's death is attributed to Capellan invaders who had been fighting on Liao for two years.[12]


In 3111 the Confederation would launch Operation CELESTIAL SPEAR, attempting to wrest the ancestral home of House Liao away from the Republic of the Sphere. Caught in what would become known as the "Massacre of Liao', Melissa would be one of over a hundred thousand people to lose their lives.[3]

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Melissa was an active supporter of the Renascent Hegemony political movement which arose in the wake of the Jihad and which argued for the creation of a new buffer realm at the heart of the Inner Sphere reminiscent of the Terran Hegemony, as well as a strong supporter of Devlin Stone noted for stating that she believed that Stone was the best hope for peace.[9]


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