Deirdre Lear

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Deirdre Lear
Character Profile
Also known as Deirdre Armstrong
Affiliation Federated Suns
Profession Surgeon
Parents Peter Armstrong (father)
Marylyn Lear (mother)[1]
Spouse Kai Allard-Liao
Children David Lear
Melissa Allard-Liao

Doctor Deirdre Lear (Armstrong) was the daughter of expatriate Federated Suns MechWarrior Peter Armstrong, who fought in the stadiums of Solaris.


Early Life and Career[edit]

During his time on Solaris, Armstrong was a part of the stables of Allards archenemy, Philip Capet. Armstrong, who was revered by his daughter Deirdre, refused to eject from his battered Griffin in a Solaris Games arena fight against Justin Xiang Allard, and was killed by Allard. As Allard was regarded as a traitor to the Federated Suns by general public at the time, Peter Armstrong became a virtual martyr and his daughter was treated appropriately.

It was during this period that Deirdre Armstrong began developing a deep hatred for Justin Allard. When it was later revealed that Allard was a deep cover agent working for the Federated Suns, Peter Armstrong was dishonored. At best, Armstrong was thought of as a stooge who died trying to prevent the heroic Allard from completing his mission; at worst, he was now seen as a traitor to the Federated Suns himself. Deeply ashamed, Deirdre Armstrong changed her surname from Armstrong to her mother's, Lear, after her mother had remarried, and in time became a medical doctor.

Service in the AFFC[edit]

As she grew up, Deirdre Lear embraced a disdain for all things martial, particularly BattleMechs. Despite this, she enlisted in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns as a surgeon following the invasion of the Clans. This action was in part to atone for her father's perceived sins and to restore her own honor, stained by her father's actions. It was during her service in the AFFS that she met Kai Allard-Liao.

Initially she had a strong attraction to Kai, but upon learning that he was the son of the man who had killed her father, she recoiled and vowed to avoid him. Confused by her actions, Kai acceded to her wishes to avoid contact. During the Second Battle of Twycross in 3050, the MASH unit that Deirdre was attached to was overrun by the Falcon Guards at the Great Gash. Responding to the frantic calls for help from the MASH unit and forced to borrow a 'Mech, Kai rushed to assist the beleaguered unit and in the process flanked the Falcon Guards. In the process, he rescued Deirdre, taking her into his 'Mech cockpit. Kai engineered the destruction of the Falcon Guards by self-destructing his borrowed Hatchetman, thereby detonating demolition charges that in turn causing a terrific landslide that destroyed almost all of the Falcon Guards. He and Dr. Lear survived by using the Full-Head Ejection System of the Hatchetman. Instead of being appreciative of Kai's rescue, Deirdre appeared even more hateful toward Kai afterwards and they parted company again.

During the battle for Alyina in 3051, Deirdre was among those left behind as the 10th Lyran Guards were forced to withdraw. Also among those left behind was Kai Allard-Liao who had sacrificed himself to ensure the escape of Victor Steiner-Davion. During the next several months when they were trapped behind enemy lines, Deirdre allowed her hatred of Kai to slip and eventually she fell deeply in love with him. Eventually, Deirdre and Kai escaped from Alyina after they were granted safcon as reward for assisting the Jade Falcon garrison forces led by Star Captain Taman Malthus in defeating the ComStar forces that had attacked them as part of Operation Scorpion.

Later Life[edit]

Following Kai's sojourn on Solaris VII as champion in his father's footsteps, Deirdre and he were married. They had two children, David Lear and Melissa Allard-Liao. Deirdre continued her medical practice after her marriage to Kai.


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