Bulldog Enterprises

Bulldog Enterprises
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Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Northwind
Primary Products Vehicles

A division of Buda Imperial Vehicles, Bulldog Enterprises is a weapons manufacturer in the Draconis Combine that specializes in producing combat vehicles.[1]


Control of Bulldog Enterprises was acquired by Buda Imperial Vehicles in early 3067. CEO of Buda Piram Germane opted to leave Bulldog relatively intact, merging only the two corporate distribution networks, with Buda gaining the benefits of Bulldog's robust R&D division while Bulldog benefits from Buda's superior corporate ratings within both the DCMS Bureau of Procurement and the Combine Ministry of the Interior.[1]

The Proserpina factory is noteworthy for its extensive static defenses. There are at least fifty weapon turrets within a kilometer of the main plant. Closer to the plant are multiple anti-aircraft missile batteries. To further impede invaders, the main approaches to the plant are lined with deadfall traps and anti-tank roadblocks.[2]


Bulldog Enterprises has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Northwind:[3]
Component Type
Schiltron[3] Wheeled Vehicles


Components produced on Proserpina:[4][5]
Component Type
Garrot Superheavy Transport[4] VTOLs
Bulldog[5][6][7] Tracked Vehicles
Manticore[5][8][7] Tracked Vehicles
Tokugawa[5][9][7] Wheeled Vehicles
Schiltron[10][7] Wheeled Vehicles
Bulldog EcoBust 10 Garrot[4]
Bulldog 240 Bulldog[6][5]
Tamia 220 Tokugawa[5]
Fusion Engine
DAV 220 Schiltron[10]
Nissan 220 Tokugawa[9]
Armor - BattleMechs, Vehicles
Bulldog 240 Bulldog[6], Manticore[8][5]
Bulldog Lite Plate Garrot[4]
Protec 12 Ferro Fibrous Schiltron[10]
StarSlab/2 Tokugawa[9]
Communications System
OP-R Janxiir Manticore[8][5], Garrot[4]
Sipher CommSys1 Schiltron[10], Tokugawa[9]
Xilex-2000 Bulldog[6]
Targeting-Tracking System
O/P 100 Basic Garrot[4]
Xilex-2000 Bulldog[6]
TargiTrack 700 [citation needed]
TargiTrack 717 Tokugawa[9], Manticore[8], Schiltron[10] /Shipped to Luthien for Tokugawa[5]
Large Laser
Bulldog Bulldog[6][5]
Machine Gun
Bulldog Minigun Bulldog[6][5]
Bulldog Light Machine Gun Garrot[4]
Hovertec Quad Manticore[8]


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