Dieron Military District

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The Dieron Military District is one of the five military districts in the Draconis Combine. It is the military district closest to Terra, and has borders with both the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth.


Clan Invasion[edit]

The Clan Invasion, though not directly impacting the District, did lead to a staggering reduction in military forces stationed there, as the Federated Commonwealth was no longer the primary threat to the Draconis Combine. At the start of 3050, 24 BattleMech regiments were based in the district, nearly a quarter of the Dragon's total strength. [1] By 3054 when the situation had stabilized, only three regiments remained. [2]


The Word of Blake struck many systems in the Dieron Military District. To increase the difficulties, the Black Dragon Society also caused a great deal of trouble during the Jihad. In addition, the Azami worlds are located in the Dieron district, and tensions between the Arkabs and the Dragon have increased everyone's stress level.[3]

The Blakists were particularly successful in this district, taking control of all but twenty-seven systems.[4]


As part of the creation of the Republic of the Sphere, a number of worlds from the former Dieron Military District were ceded to Terran rule. Dieron itself was integrated into Prefecture X.[5] The few systems that remained under control of the Dragon were folded into the Benjamin Military District and the Dieron Military District ceased to exist.[6]

Dark Age[edit]

When the Draconis Combine invaded the Republic of the Sphere in 3135, the Dieron Military District was re-established.[7] In 3145 it had four prefectures.[8]


Name Command
Warlord of Dieron
Vasily Cherenkoff 3020 - 3034
Michi Noketsuna 3034 - 3054
Isoroku Kurita 3054 - 30??
position vacant 30?? - 3135
Katana Tormark 3135 - 31??
Kambei Okamoto 31?? - 31??

Prefecture History[edit]




  • Al Nair Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Davis Tremelo)[10]
  • Algedi Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Gary Stamp)[10]
  • Ashio Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Jasik Yoshiro)[10]
  • Kessel Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Tobias Villagua)[10]
  • Vega Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Michael Sobiroff)[10]



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