Osaka Heavy Metrics

Osaka Heavy Metrics
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Dieron
New Samarkand
Primary Products IndustrialMechs


During the height of the Star League Osaka Heavy Metrics produced the Kiso IndustrialMech, a massive 100-ton 'Mech intended to be the centre point of the huge construction operations common across the Draconis Combine at the time. Working on construction sites for years at a time, the Kiso was an immensely capable construction tool and was seen on worlds across the Combine, including the capital, Luthien. The First Succession War halted production of the Kiso; the three main Osaka plants were all destroyed during the conflict, and with them went the technology and understanding needed to produce the advanced command consoles and communication suites that were an essential part of the Kiso's role. When the information needed to produce Kisos again was rediscovered in the latter half of the thirty-first century Osaka began production once more, using four different production sites dotted across the Combine.[1]

Osaka Heavy Metrics was also a secondary military supplier to the Draconis Combine of long-standing prior to the Jihad. Osaka were developing the Sokuryou as a design concept prior to the eruption of the Jihad, but this development work was soon on hold as the Combine found itself beseiged inside and out. By the mid-3070s the DCMS was becoming critically short of military materiel, and the industrial losses suffered thrust second-tier suppliers like Osaka squarely into the limelight. Osaka responded to the Dragon's need by quickly adapting to the use of to retool their IndustrialMech production lines to produce RetroTech BattleMechs from the Age of War, designs such as the Ostwar and Ymir.[2]

The production contracts to produce these RetroTech designs was cancelled as the Jihad drew to a close, but by this point Osaka Heavy Metrics had proved itself to be a viable and reliable supplier to the DCMS. Osaka became one of many companies to benefit from a determination on the part of the Combine that the military industrial basis of the realm should expand beyond the long-standing core based around Luthien Armor Works, and was one of many small construction firms to receive contracts for work. In the case of Osaka, the contract was for a durable recon platform, which was sorely needed to plug the shortfall in reconnaissance assets within the DCMS while major 'Mech producers continued to focus on heavy designs to rebuild the shattered DCMS line units. The result was the SKU-197 Sokuryou, which began production in 3085 from factories on Togura and Philadelphia.[2]

Since beginning manufacturing of the Sokuryou, Osaka's full production capacity has been devoted to manufacturing the military variants of the SurveyMech design for the DCMS; it is unclear when Osaka will be able to begin producing models for the civilian market.[2]


Osaka Heavy Metrics has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Dieron:[1]
Component Type
K-3N-KR4 Kiso[1] Industrial Mech

New Samarkand[edit]

Components produced on New Samarkand:[1]
Component Type
K-3N-KR4 Kiso[1] Industrial Mech


Components produced on Philadelphia:[1][3]
Component Type
K-3N-KR4 Kiso[1] Industrial Mech
SKU-197 Sokuryou[3] Industrial Mech


Components produced on Togura:[3]
Component Type
K-3N-KR4 Kiso[1] Industrial Mech
K-3N-KR5 Kiso (by request only)[1] Industrial Mech
SKU-197 Sokuryou[3] Industrial Mech
CERO V Frame Sokuryou[3]
Fusion Engine
Nissan 150 Sokuryou[3]
Industrial Armor
Tybalt Blue Heavy Industrial Plate Sokuryou[3]
Communications System
Sipher Security Plus Advanced Sokuryou[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
Daidouji 52 Enhanced Optical w/Beagle Active Probe Sokuryou[3]


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