Vision of Truth

Vision of Truth
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin


The Vision of Truth was a Potemkin-class WarShip maintained by ComStar. In 3062 she was a part of the Com Guard First Fleet, operating from the ComStar fleet base at Luyten 68-28.[1]

While enroute to the Tukayyid system the Vision of Truth suffered a mainspace fire following a reactor explosion on 19 April 3065. It is unknown if the true reason for the explosion (sabotage) was discovered; in any case, the perpetrator remained unknown.[2]

The ship remained in service with ComStar as of 3067.[3]

The Vision of Truth took part in Case White, ComStar's ill-fated attack on Terra, in March 3068. During this operation, the ComStar ships suffered from treachery and sabotage. The saboteur from three years earlier managed to plant another explosive charge to one of the ship's reactors and detonate it.[2] A friendly vessel, the Swift Justice, fired a broadside into the Vision of Truth shortly before being apparently disabled herself by three internal explosions.[4] This happened shortly after an explosion (likely the aforementioned act of sabotage) took out the number two engine on the Vision of Truth in what may or may not have been a concerted action.[5] Following these combined events which caused heavy damage including explosive decompression to parts of the ship, the Vision of Truth lost power and was adrift, rapidly dropping towards Terra and considered "dead in the water" by a comm tech who had survived until that point.[5]

Although the exact fate of the Vision of Truth is not spelled out, it is heavily implied that it broke up over Terra, forming at least part of the rain of falling stars that could be observed from Tasmania around 0430 hours (GMT +11) on 14 March 3068.[5] Conversely, there is no record of the ship either being salvaged by the Word of Blake[6] or having survived until 3076.[7]



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