Xavier McCarron

Xavier McCarron
Born: 3064
Affiliation House McCarron
Parents Rhamses McCarron (father)
Children Cyrus McCarron

Xavier McCarron (b. 3064[1] - d. ????) is the sixth commanding officer of the McCarron's Armored Cavalry Brigade.[1]

Character History[edit]

Xavier is the son of Rhamses McCarron and the grandson of Archibald McCarron; due to his pedigree, he wanted to show that he could be the commander for the Armored Cavalry due to his skill and not just because of his blood right. In order to achieve his goal, Xavier enrolled at the Sarna Martial Academy where he excelled at his studies.[1]

He was too young to participate in the fighting with the newly formed Republic; he was able to secure command of the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry just in time for the Victoria War. During the war, Xavier was able to pad his impressive battle record by racking up an extraordinary amount of kills and was able to show his brilliance at strategic thinking.[1]

His exemplary combat record made him the only serious candidate to take command of the whole McCarron's Armored Cavalry when the position became available in 3109.[2] Two years later, when the Capellan Crusades began in 3111, Xavier was able to quickly gain victories on multiple worlds until he met up against an impressive defense of Republic Armed Forces on the world of Kansu. His only failure of the war was his inability to break the defense when the truce was announced in 3113.[1]

Xavier has personally groomed the next successor of the MAC, which will be his eldest son Cyrus McCarron.[1]

Titles and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Rhamses McCarron
Commander of the McCarron's Armored Cavalry

Succeeded by


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