22nd Blood Cavalry (Clan Blood Spirit)

Clan Blood Spirit.jpg
Twenty Second Blood Cavalry Cluster
Formed 3072[1]
Disbanded 3074[2]
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Omicron Provisional Galaxy


The Twenty-second Blood Cavalry were a Cluster built around ProtoMechs. They were raised around 3072 and were one of four new ProtoMech Clusters assigned to Omicron Galaxy. Their first action came on Eden with attacks against the Clan Star Adder and Clan Hell's Horses enclaves, they showed no mercy to the Adders in retribution for the bombardment of York the previous year. After Eden the Cluster moved to Arcadia and then Albion. On reaching the planet the Cluster made a combat drop straight onto one of the Adder enclaves, which fell quickly. [1] A week later they moved against a second Adder enclave, here the fighting was more fierce, they took heavy damage from aerospace attacks before the Spirit withdrew and obliterated both Adder enclaves with orbital bombardment.[3]

Their parent Galaxy moved to Tokasha in mid 3074 where it joined with Zeta and Omega Galaxies in an attempt to take control of the entire planet. [4] Their plans on Tokasha were halted by the arrival of ilKhan Brett Andrews and a Clan Steel Viper task force in September 3074 who declared a Trial of Possession for the entire planet. All three Spirit Galaxies were bid in defense. Initially the Galaxy managed to flank the Viper's Beta Galaxy but was caught in a crushing counter attack by Nu Galaxy. The Galaxy was surrounded and reduced to only a handful of warriors who managed to escape during a friendly air strike, but Omicron and the Twenty-second Blood Cavalry were destroyed as a force.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 22nd Blood Cavalry




The Cluster was built around ProtoMechs, but it is not recorded if was exclusively comprised of ProtoMechs or if other arms were present as well.



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