Nu Galaxy (Clan Steel Viper)

Nu Galaxy
Disbanded 3074 (destroyed)
Nickname Buto Galaxy
Affiliation Clan Steel Viper
Parent Command Clan Steel Viper touman


Nu Galaxy was a Homeworld defense force during the 3050s, responsible for securing four of the five Steel Viper holdings in the Clan Homeworlds, including enclaves on Marshall and Homer, as well as New Kent. In the years following 3060 the Galaxy was proactive in fighting Trials for former Clan Smoke Jaguar, Clan Nova Cat and Clan Ghost Bear possessions.[1] Later it bore the brunt of the fighting against Clan Cloud Cobra and Clan Snow Raven on Homer, and also against the Fire Mandrills and Goliath Scorpions on Marshall. For years the Galaxy had been unofficially known as the Buto Galaxy, but by 3067 it was officially recognized and its status upgraded to Semi-Front Line in a naming ceremony. Galaxy Commander Moffat refused to have the Galaxy redesignated as Epsilon Galaxy.[2]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

A large Viper force of four Galaxies arrived at Tokasha in September 3074 . Finding Clan Blood Spirit forces in a position to take the entire planet the Vipers called their own Trial of Possession for it. The Blood Spirits had three Galaxies on planet and the Vipers landed all four of their to oppose them. The Vipers moved against each Galaxy in turn first crushing Zeta in Koche Mountains. Beta Galaxy found itself outflanked by the Spirits' Omicron Galaxy, but the timely arrival of Nu Galaxy crushed the defenders. Only the arrival of aerospace fighters bombing the Viper lines allowed a few of the warriors to escape. The assault by Gamma Galaxy overran the defensive line of Omega Galaxy allowing Alpha Galaxy to push on to the Blood Spirits headquarters killing their Khan. [3]

In December 3074 the Vipers launched a massive assault on against Clan Coyote on Tamaron with six Galaxies and a large naval force. The Viper warships opened up holes in the Coyote SDS allowing the DropShips a path through. Alpha Galaxy led the way but it wasn't long until all six Galaxies had made planetfall despite the fierce aerospace attacks. A swift assault by Nu helped to secure the landing zone. After a week fighting the Vipers finally forced the remnant of the Coyote navy to flee. The ground forces made for their objectives, several major factory complexes in the Apache Mountains. Securing these cost the Coyotes both Epsilon and Lambda Galaxies. The Viper assault then turned toward the planetary capital of San Mateo By 16 December the city was surrounded. Four Coyote Galaxies had been destroyed, but at the cost of three of the Viper's own including Nu.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Nu Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Carron Moffat 3061


Primarily a defensive force, under Galaxy Commander Moffat they were given leeway for offensive action and tactical assaults.[1]



Nu Galaxy


Nu Galaxy[7][8]


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