Lambda Galaxy (Clan Coyote)

Lambda Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Nickname The Armored Coyotes
Parent Formation Clan Coyote Touman
Formed 2855
Disbanded 3074 (Destroyed)


Lambda Galaxy was the first second-line Galaxy created in the Coyote Touman in 2855. Since then it has consistently defended Clan Coyote's most important assets.[1] It was organized like a front-line Galaxy, with copious numbers of OmniMechs and OmniFighters, and had its own DropShips and JumpShips, allowing it to function as a quick reaction force. Since its inception the Galaxy has fought on every planet that the Clan had holdings.[1]

It was considered understrength in the mid 3050s, in response Khan Koga raised the 100th Assault Cluster and assigned it to Lambda.[1]

In 3071 Clan Goliath Scorpion hit Foster where the Galaxy was stationed and managed to claim a factory that produced Rabid Coyote BattleMechs and well as a ProtoMech facility.[2]

The Society Revolt[edit]

Lambda was one of six Coyote Galaxies to join the Society revolt.[3] In January 3072 the Clan Goliath Scorpion's Second Eridani Lancers along with the Sixty-first Strike Cluster from Clan Steel Viper landed on Shadow to join forces with Lambda Galaxy to undertake the Reaving of Kindraa Mick-Kline-Kreese-Sainze. As was agreed the Coyote force attacked first their assault caught the defenders totally by surprise as did their inclusion of new technologies such as the Assault ProtoMechs, so much so that their three to one odds could not prevent a Coyote victory. The surviving Fire Mandrills including saKhan Dakar Mick surrendered themselves to the Coyote force and were slaughtered by the Coyote Elemental Honor Guard. The honor Guard then turned their weapons on the attendant Viper and Scorpion warriors as the rest of Lambda Galaxy wiped out both clusters. [4]

The Eighteenth Assault Cluster was destroyed on Niles in id 3073 by a combined force from Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Fire Mandrill. They were besieged in a complex of BattleMech and Battle Armor factories. There one success was a night time sortie against the Blood Spirit's Alpha Galaxy that killed Galaxy Commander Jon Church.[5]

In December 3074 the Steel Vipers launched a massive assault on against Clan Coyote on Tamaron with six Galaxies and a large naval force. Lambda Galaxy was part of the Coyote defending force. The Viper warships opened up holes in the Coyote SDS allowing the DropShips a path through. The Vipers Alpha Galaxy led the way but it wasn't long until all six Galaxies had made planetfall despite the fierce aerospace attacks. After a week fighting the Vipers finally forced the remnant of the Coyote navy to flee. The ground forces made for their objectives, several major factory complexes in the Apache Mountains. The fighting to defend these saw both Epsilon and Lambda Galaxies destroyed.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Lambda Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Alexis Tchernovkov 3061[1]
Galaxy Commander Dyson Clearwater 3067[7]


The Galaxy was highly adaptable to all terrain and weather conditions.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Lambda Galaxy [1]


Lambda Galaxy [1][7]


Lambda units gain a +1 initiative modifier. [8]


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