27th Avalon Hussars

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Twenty-seventh Avalon Hussars
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Nickname The Fighting Irish[1]
Parent Formation Avalon Hussars
Formed Second Succession War[2]


Star League Era[edit]

Originally formed during the Age of War, during the twenty-sixth century the Twenty-seventh Avalon Hussars - nicknamed "The Fighting Irish" - became the best urban combat unit in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.[1]

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According to the apocryphal German-only novel Royal Flush the 27th Avalon Hussars were sent to garrison McGehee in 2602. They arrived in the middle of political upheaval as the world was in the process of seceding from the Federated Suns. The newly arrived garrison troops were not expected, as military bureaucracy had apparently failed to notify the planet of their redeployment, and they were welcomed rather coldly. Shortly afterwards, the Draconis Combine launched a surprise invasion to occupy the "independent" world. During the attack a DropShip carrying ammunition crashed into the garrison base, decimating the 27th Avalon Hussars regiment to a handful of survivors and a single operational DropShip. The survivors joined forces with the local militia to resist the attackers with guerilla warfare and before long managed to send their DropShip out to retake their JumpShip, the Shangri-La, and use it as a courier vessel to notify the Federated Suns of the attack (Hyperpulse Generators having not been invented yet).

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The Twenty-seventh was one of many regiments within the Avalon Hussars to be deactivated following the issue of the Council Edict of 2650 by the Star League Council, which limited the size of the military each Great House was allowed to field, but following the repeal of the Edict in the mid twenty-eight century the Twenty-seventh was reactivated as the AFFS underwent a major expansion.[1]

The reactivated Twenty-seventh were keen to regain the reputation for excellence at urban warfare that their antecedents had been accorded, and with the regiment stationed on Kathil they had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time training from 2762 onwards for just that within the massive General Motors factory complex nearby. The training soon began to prove rather expensive though, as accidents and incidents during training invariably led to damage to the industrial complex.[1]

Succession Wars[edit]

The Twenty-seventh was active throughout the First Succession War, and by the end of the War were operating with a combat strength half a regiment lower than their pre-War strength.[3] The Twenty-seventh rebuilt during the inter-war period, and by the beginning of the Second Succession War were operating at slightly above the size of a standard regiment.[2]

On the 2nd of June 2828 the Chesterton Cuirassiers landed on Kathil as a part of Operation CELT, a CCAF offensive intended to recapture Chesterton. The Cuirassiers were led by Colonel Laurelli Liao, the future Capellan Chancellor and a canny field commander who had been trained from a young age in warfare. Stationed on Kathil at the time were the Twenty-seventh and the Kathil Capellan March Militia. The defenders outweighed the Cuirassiers, but Laurelli kept them off-balance by launching feints at both the General Motors factories and District City, which made it essential that the militia and the Twenty-seventh couldn't risk relocating to better positions. The conflict turned into an intricate, deadly dance that only ended when the Cuirassiers were ordered to withdraw on the 24th of June, following the news of the death of Chancellor Ilsa Liao. It was a testament to Laurelli's skills that the bulk of the damage taken by the Cuirassiers during the three weeks of battle was sustained not during her campaigning, but rather during the hasty withdrawal from Kathil.[4]

The Twenty-seventh was ultimately destroyed during the Second Succession War, one of seven Avalon Hussars regiments lost during the conflict.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 27th Avalon Hussars


In the Age of War the Twenty-seventh was well-established as being the best when it came to fighting in urban terrain.[1]

During the Star League era all of the Avalon Hussars were required to focus on being both flexible and mobile, with every regiment required to be capable of deploying within eight hours, although many of the Hussars struggled to actually achieve this.[5]

Composition History[edit]


Twenty-seventh Avalon Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[6]

- At this point in time the Twenty-seventh was stationed on Kathil.[6] In common with the other regiments of the Avalon Hussars the Twenty-seventh had an attached aerospace wing, although these forces were primarily tasked to provide ground support rather than escort duties.[5]


Twenty-seventh Avalon Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[3]

- At this point in time the Hussars were a heavy-weight regiment stationed on Kathil and were operating at four-battalion strength.[3]


Twenty-seventh Avalon Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[3]

- At this point in time the Hussars were a heavy-weight regiment stationed on Kathil and were down approximately half a regiment in combat strength from their pre-War status.[3]


Twenty-seventh Avalon Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[2]

- At this point in time the Hussars were a medium-weight regiment and had managed to rebuild to close to their previous four-battalion strength. The Hussars were stationed on Kathil.[2] The unit was destroyed during the war. [2]


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