8th Scorpion Dragoons (Clan Goliath Scorpion)

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8th Scorpion Dragoons
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Whip-Tail Brigade
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy
Formed Before 2821


Then known as the Second Assault Binary, the Eighth took part in Operation Klondike. On Dagda, the Second Assault was ambushed at Satan's Table, and nine of the ten 'Mechs were destroyed. Though normally such losses would lead to the disbanding of the unit, Khan Cyrus Elam believed in keeping the legacies and traditions of the unit intact as long as even one warrior survived. Some observers credit this belief with the Scorpion's individualism.[1]

In 3061 the Eighth were split and garrisoned both Tokasha and Babylon.[2] By 3067 they had formed the entire Cluster on Babylon[3] after they had secured a holding around the sacred site of Moreau's Dagger from the Ice Hellions.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 8th Scorpion Dragoons Cluster
Star Colonel Miri Arbuthnot 3061[1]
Star Colonel Glen Posavatz 3067[3]



Composition History[edit]


8th Scorpion Dragoons (5 Trinaries/Elite/Fanatical)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Miri Arbuthnot


8th Scorpion Dragoons (Elite/Fanatical)[3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Glen Posavatz



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