Jasmine Amaris

Jasmine Amaris
Jasmine Amaris
AffiliationHouse Amaris
Title(s)Apollo Military Academy Commandant[2]
Position(s)Commander of the Rim Worlds Army
ParentsBertram Amaris (father)
SiblingsCynthia Amaris[1]
Charlotte Amaris
Petter Amaris

Jasmine Amaris was the commander of the a Rim Worlds Army in the mid-twenty-eighth century.[1]


The younger sister of President Cynthia Amaris, Jasmine broke from the norms of Amaris family women by choosing a career in the Rim Worlds Army. Her name guaranteed her access to the prestigious Apollo Military Academy but her rise through the ranks had more to do with her strategic skills and cunning. By the time she was forty-nine, she was the youngest general in the RWA and was the only woman to hold that rank between 2741 and 2755, becoming its commander in 2741.[1] Though she was rated as an average MechWarrior, she was considered a tactical genius and known for her strategic thinking.[3]

Jasmine Amaris was an advisor to her nephew Stefan's secret military buildup during the 2740s, which generated a tremendous need for new officers and command staff. She was deeply involved in revising officer training programs at the Republic's various military academies, and during the last years of Simon Cameron's reign spent more time in classrooms and offices than on the battlefield.[1] By 2765, she was the Apollo Military Academy's commandant and maintained strict conditions for both entry and graduation, making it on par with many of the best academies in the Terran Hegemony. The divisional and brigade-level commanders of the RWA's flagship Imperial Divisions were personally chosen by General Amaris out of the AMA.[2]


  • Jasmine's birth year of 2692 is problematic. She is stated as being Cynthia's younger sister and Stefan's aunt, and Cynthia was the granddaughter of Selanta, who had only one son, Bertram. We know this because when Bertram was assassinated in 2687, there was no other adult Amaris in the line of succession to the presidency, and someone with a different surname, Carl Siever, ended up ruling until Cynthia came of age around 2695.[4]
  • Era Report: 2750 states Jasmine Amaris was the Commander of the Rim Worlds Army until 2752,[1] while Field Report 2765: Periphery says she was currently in that position in 2765.[5]


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