Cynthia Amaris

Cynthia Amaris
Born2676 (or earlier)[1]
AffiliationHouse Amaris
ParentsBertram Amaris (father)
SiblingsCharlotte Amaris[4]
Petter Amaris[4]
Jasmine Amaris[5]
SpouseStefan Gorienko[1]
ChildrenStefan Amaris[1]

Cynthia Amaris was ruler of the Rim Worlds Republic in the early twenty-eighth century.


Upon President Selanta Amaris's death in 2687, an attempted coup by Gregor Siever left her son Bertram dead before he could be sworn into office. Carl Siever, second in the line of succession, became president as there were no other adult members of House Amaris or House Siever directly in line for the presidency. Within a few years, the dehumanizing toughness of politics, paranoia, and his own guilt weighed heavily on him, and when Selanta's granddaughter Cynthia came of age around 2695, he resigned and handed the reins to her.[1]

Cynthia Amaris dedicated herself to the rule of the Republic to the point she did not marry until after she was forty years old, causing concern that House Amaris might face a succession crisis after her death. Her only child, Stefan, was born in 2717 and groomed by her to rule. He succeeded Cynthia in becoming the Republic's president in 2738 when he was only twenty-one years of age.[1][6]


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