Cynthia Amaris

Cynthia Amaris
Affiliation House Amaris
Profession President of the Rim Worlds Republic
Parents Bertram Amaris (father)
Siblings Petter Amaris
Spouse Stefan Gorienko
Children Stefan Amaris

Cynthia Amaris was an early 28th century ruler of the Rim Worlds Republic.[1][2]


The granddaughter of Selanta Amaris, Cynthia dedicated herself to the rule of the Republic to the point she did not marry until after she was forty years old, causing concern that House Amaris might face a succession crisis after her death. Her only child, Stefan, was born in 2717 and groomed by her to rule.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Carl Siever
President of the Rim Worlds Republic
c.2696 - c.2740

Succeeded by
Stefan Amaris


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