LM4/C Lumberjack
Production information
Manufacturer Harrow-Deerfield Heavy Industrial Works[1]
Rastaban Agricultural[citation needed]
Use Logging
Civil Defense
Production Year 2489[2]
Model LM4/C[1]
Equipment Rating D/E-E-E/C[1]
Class Heavy
Introduced 2489
Cost 2,150,955 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 70 tons
Chassis HD Forester Series 4[1]
Armor HD Plasteel Commercial-Grade (Industrial Armor)[1]
Engine Wagner 210 HeavyDuty I.C.E.[1]
Communications System TigerCom 23/C[1]
Targeting Tracking System None[1]
Heat Sinks None[1]
Speed 54 km/h[1] km/h

1x Chainsaw[1]
1x Lift Hoist[1]
2x Dumper[1]
2x Cargo Bay[1]

BV (2.0) 323[1]

Description & History[edit]

The Lumberjack was a heavy IndustrialMech created by the Lyran Commonwealth in 2355. Harrow-Deerfield Heavy Industrial Works of Tamar built this 'Mech as an independent logging operations vehicle. The ForestryMech was the first of its type for the company, which built more traditional construction, mining, and logging vehicles. In some cases, the 'Mech was modified to provide combat support for military units.[1]

It continued to be constructed sporadically for 400 years until the Harrow-Deerfield plant was destroyed by a Kurita raid.[1]

Survivors of this class of 'Mech remained in service up to the middle of the thirty-first century. Later during the Jihad, a new company, Rastaban Agricultural Products of Duran, resumed construction of the Lumberjack.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Lumberjack's main tool is its Deerfield-690 Chainsaw, which is mounted in place of its right hand actuator. On its left arm, it has a lift hoist to help lug logs and other loads for its work. The 'Mech has two dumpers mounted on its right and left torso, along with two cargo bays which can contain up to ten tons of equipment each.[1]


The Lumberjack's two Cargo Modules can hold up to ten tons per module.[1]


  • LM1/A 
    The original Lumberjack was lighter at 60 tons. It is presumed to have primitive equipment. It was introduced in 2355[3]. BV (2.0)= 286[4][3]
  • LM4/P (Weaponized Variant) 
    Produced originally in 2811[5] as military support unit. An LRM-10 is replaces one of the Dumpers. The 'Mech is equipped with four heat sinks & seven and a half tons of military grade armor. It also been equipped with Advance Fire Control assisting with the launcher. Prior to the Jihad, it was a rare variant. However, production was picked up by various small factories for service in private security & LAAF due to the Jihad's destruction of mainline BattleMech factories. BV (2.0)= 651[6][7][5]
  • LM5/P (MilitiaMech Variant) 
    Created during the Jihad developed in 3076, this combat-oriented 'Mech variant was only kept in production until the end of that Era. The design came about due to the growing desperation of the LCAF and its success with the LM4/P in combat. Designed as a MilitiaMech, this variant is a revamp of the design as solid combat unit, while still using a few IndustrialMech components. The LM5/P is powered by a Fusion Engine with 11 single Heat Sinks help cope with heat issues of movement and its weapons system. While retaining the maximum speed of 54kph, its fusion engine gives the design energy needs to power its weapon systems. Designed as a generalist type combatant, its firepower is oriented for both long-range and close-in combat. Its long-range weaponry includes; pair of LRM-15 Launchers, with one mounted in each of its side torsos with two tons of ammo the launcher. For close-in combat, mounted in the right arm, is a single Large Laser. The heavy laser is backed up by two Medium Lasers in each arm. Though still retaining a Industrial Cockpit, the cockpit has an Advance Fire Control. Other features include military-grade armor on a par with Heavy BattleMechs, and four Jump Jets to help maneuver better in combat. BV (2.0) = 1,360[8][9][10]



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