Lyran Fire

Lyran Fire
Product information
Type Short story
Author Lance Scarinci
Pages 36
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 6 December 2010
Era Jihad era
Timeline 19 August 3078
Series Jihad Hot Spots: Terra tie-in

Lyran Fire is a story by Lance Scarinci that was published online on BattleCorps on 6 December 2010. It was also published in print in 2019 in the seventh BattleCorps anthology, Kill Zone.

Teaser text[edit]

In our next story solicited to tie into Jihad Hot Spots: Terra, Lance Scarinci shows us how professional soldiers react when they're faced with unbeatable odds.

Plot summary[edit]

In the 19 August of 3078, during Operation SCOUR, The DropShip Brigada of class Fortress was damaged in Terra's high orbit by two Blakist fighters. His descent was a very violent one, and crashed violently in North America. The ship was crippled, but the crew, a battalion of Fifteenth Arcturan Guards, under the command of Hauptmann Conner DeVries, with BattleMechs, armor, infantry and artillery, quickly get out and establish a perimeter. They haven,t fatal casualties, and only minor damage to their load, but DropShip's weapons and sensors are dead. They're crashed in a hill region covered of forest, in North Carolina, separated of the rest of the Fifteentrh by thousands of kilometers. The nearest friendly force was Devlin Stone's force heading to attack Hilton Head. The Lyrans cannot communicate with the rest of their forces on planet, and a scout group identified a near city, Hickory, with his own Blakist garrison. Worse still, a spy ship located them soon. Grumman, the Brigada's captain, refused to scuttle the ship, and they cannot move all the support personnel, or found a clear way out, so they're trapped. Very soon, theyfound themselves surrounded by hostile forces of TerraSec and the 4th Division of the Word of Blake Militia: a mixed force of BattleMechs, tanks and infantry. Stacy Meadows, Conner's XO, begun the battle shooting a scout VTOL. The first Blakist attack was an barrage of artillery, but the Lyrans, with their single Long Tom Artillery piece, managed to destroy the Blakist guns quickly, sustaining only light damage, but losing a 'Mech. The artillery fire forced the Blakist attackers to retreat. The only communications the Blakist received are Blakist propaganda, saying all invaders have been destroyed, and Devlin Stone's dead, but no one believed it, specially Conner, who had met him once, and consider him the greatest man never met. The next Blakist assault was defeated by the lyrans, but a fire destroyed their only artillery piece. After the attackers retreat, finally the Lyran comm officer managed to contact some unexpected friendly officer: Kanrei Kiyomori Minamoto. Conner inform him about their desperate situation, and Minamoto tells him than Stone is alive, but his taskforce had found too much resistance and was forced to abandon the attack on Hilton Head. The Kanrei swears to evacuate Conner's men, without regard of their nationality, but also ask them to hold all what they can, to prevent the Blaksists to send more forces against Stone's group. Not too later, another Blakist nocturn attack, using a feint, managed to break the Lyran defensive perimeter, and despite the fact all attackers inside were destroyed, and the attackers repealed again, the Lyrans sufferec heavy casualties, including Haputmann Giovanni Kobol, the armor commander. Conner had a deep conversation with Grumman, who feels happy to be in humanity's homeworld, and said the Hauptmann they will hold all the needed, because the lyrans have steel in their spines, and fire in their hearts. The Blakists hold their attack for three days, and the next attack see a group of Blakist infiltrators take a Lyran tank, using to bomb the Lyran's DropShip. After sending some 'Mechs to deal with the infiltrators, Conner gave a unbeliable order: tho charge against the TerraSec superior attackers. The other 'Mechs followed him, and their opponents, facing his charge, broke formation, being slaughtered by the inferior lyrans, buth they have several losses. The next day, after sending all the wounded and part of their infantry in two vehicles to hide opr search a escape way on the mountains, the Lyrans suffer a bombing of incendiary rounds. Conner's Rifleman managed to down the bomber, but it was too late: their tanks, crew and infantry are dead, and the 4th Division advance against them. Conner refused to surrender or retreat. He offered at their remaining mates to cover their retreat, but all chose to stay with him. The five last lyran 'Mechs, battered, charged against the advancing Blakists one last time, showing them Lyran fire.

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