Mackenzie Wolf

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Mackenzie Wolf
Also known as Darnell Winningham
Born 3006
Died 3054
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Rank Colonel
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Jaime Wolf (father)
Ellen (mother)
Siblings Lynn Wolf
Brigit Wolf
Rachel Wolf (half-sister)
Joshua Wolf (half-brother)
Spouse Katherine Wolf[1]
Children Alpin Wolf[1]
Shauna Wolf[1]

Mackenzie Wolf (30063054) was the son of Jaime Wolf, the commander of the legendary Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit. He was also the father of Alpin Wolf.


Early Life and Career[edit]

As a child, his existence as Jaime Wolf's son was known to only a handful of Dragoons. He went under the alias Darnell Winningham.[2] In 3015, Mackenzie was sent to the Federated Suns to be treated for a speech impediment. Because of his absence, he avoided Anton Marik's treachery, which resulted in the deaths of Mac's mother and siblings, as well as his uncle Joshua. In 3026 at the age of 20, he was assigned as a MechWarrior to the Dragoons' Beta Regiment, where he served with distinction in the battles on Misery and Crossing during the Fourth Succession War.

Black Widow Battalion[edit]

Natasha Kerensky, knowing his identity and believing he would not be properly seasoned by his father, chose Mackenzie to command a company of her new Black Widow Battalion unit. During this time, he piloted an Enforcer 'Mech. Mackenzie served with distinction in numerous conflicts over the years, and when Natasha left to rejoin the Clans, Mackenzie was not only promoted to command the unit, he was also formally recognized as his father's second-in-command and heir-designate. Following the Clan invasion, this would result in some dissatisfaction among the Dragoons; while Mackenzie was a capable and respected officer, he lacked his father's genius for warfare, and many Dragoons were skeptical of his ability to fill Jaime's shoes.

Death and Aftermath[edit]

During a trip to the Periphery to recover mothballed WarShips, Mackenzie was killed by pirates in a boarding action.[3] His death all but set the stage for the Dragoon Civil War, which ultimately led to the death of his son, Alpin.


It is heavily implied, though never explicitly stated, that Mackenzie's death was intentionally caused by Dragoon elements loyal to Elson Novacat's cause.


  • Though he was a respected Dragoon officer, some felt he simply could not measure up to his father's abilities. This was the impetus that led to the creation of Maeve Wolf, who was, in fact, a genetic clone of Jaime Wolf.
  • In the 3020s, he piloted an Enforcer.[2]
  • As of 3051, Mackenzie Wolf piloted a Marauder II. [4]


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