MechWarrior: Counterassault

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MechWarrior: Counterassault
Product information
Type Game Aid
Publication information
Publisher Wizkids
Product code WZK2204
First published January 2004
MSRP $9.99
Content blind booster containing plastic miniatures (prepainted)
Era Dark Age Era
Series Dark Age
Preceded by MechWarrior: Liao Incursion Boosters
Followed by MechWarrior: Falcon's Prey Boosters


MechWarrior: Counterassault miniatures set is the fifth collection of plastic miniatures for use in the MechWarrior: Dark Age miniatures game. The set was retailed in blind booster packs.

This set included the Marauder II figure from the faction to be determined in a tournament play called "October Faction War".

MechWarrior: Counterassault introduced new technology to the best science-fiction miniatures game ever created. The set included 7 new infantry units, 9 new 'Mechs, and 10 new vehicles, including new transports and VTOLs.

From the back cover[edit]



Booster Pack[edit]

MW:DA blind booster sets contained one random 'Mech, one random Vehicle and two infantry units.