MechWarrior: Counterassault Booster Pack

MechWarrior: Counterassault Booster Pack
Product information
Type Booster Pack
Publication information
Publisher WizKids
Product code WZK2204
First published January 2004
MSRP $9.99
Content blind booster containing plastic miniatures (prepainted)
Era Dark Age Era
Series Dark Age
Preceded by MechWarrior: Liao Incursion Booster Pack
Followed by MechWarrior: Falcon's Prey Booster Pack


MechWarrior: Counterassault Booster Pack is a booster pack for MechWarrior: Counterassault, which is an expansion to the MechWarrior: Dark Age collectable miniatures game.

This expansion introduced a fifth collection of miniatures for use in the game and introduced new technology. One of the publicized new units was a Marauder II figure from a faction to be determined from play from an October Faction War tournament. Like the prior expansions, this expansion had blind booster packs, but no dedicated starter sets. Starter sets for the MechWarrior: Dark Age set, namely MechWarrior: Dark Age Starter Set and MechWarrior: Dark Age Premier Edition, still served as an introduction to the base game.


Each booster pack includes:

  • 4 randomly inserted MechWarrior miniatures: 1 'Mech, 1 vehicle, and 2 infantry units

Complete Collection[edit]

Counterassault Set Symbol

For information on the collections/sets of miniatures for MechWarrior: Dark Age and its expansions, see Miniatures - MechWarrior. Duplicated below is the summary of the MechWarrior: Counterassault set.

There are 124 different figures available (32 infantry, 48 vehicles, 32 non-Unique 'Mechs, 12 Unique 'Mechs), plus 27 limited release figures. Note: For non-Unique units, there existed multiple corresponding figures that differed in terms of faction and rank (e.g., Green, Veteran, Elite). Each unit in this set was marked with the Counterassault Set Symbol.

Infantry: (Figure numbers 001-032)

Vehicles: (Figure numbers 033-080)

Non-Unique 'Mechs: (Figure numbers 081-112)

Unique 'Mechs: (Figure numbers 113-124)

Limited Edition: (Figure numbers 125-151)