Provisional Garrison Cluster

A Provisional Garrison Cluster is a Clan military formation. They are typically considered one tier below second line forces and are typically used to hold rear areas, perform cleanup tasks too dishonorable for front line or second line Clusters, or hold minor objectives. Typically the troops used by a PGC are either freeborn warriors or trueborns who are too old or disgraced by their actions to remain in a front line unit. A few Clans make no distinction between PGCs and second-line Clusters. This means that their second line troops are more homogeneous, but also means that their front line and second line troops have a wide gap in quality.[1][2]

Usually Provisional Garrison Clusters are not considered part of a bid. During Operation REVIVAL the Jade Falcons, Ghost Bears, and Smoke Jaguars failed to bring PGCs with them as part of their toumans. This slowed their performance in the early waves of the invasion. To counter the Wolf Clan's performance in the invasion, ilKhan Leo Showers tried to deny the Wolves use of PGCs which would force them to use front-line troops as garrison forces. The Jade Falcon and Smoke Jaguars, however, needed the PGCs and pushed Showers to allow them.[3] He gave approval in late July. The Wolf Clan also neglected to bring PGCs with them, but the Wolf PGCs arrived in late August 3050.[4] The presence of PGCs also assisted Clan Ghost Bear.[5]

The PGCs that were called forward to secure captured Inner Sphere planets often faced resistance movements.[6][7] How the PGCs dealt with these resistance movements varied by Clan. Some PGCs actually negotiated ceasefire agreements with the resistance.[8] Among Clan Goliath Scorpion after their Abjuration from the Clan Homeworlds and their conquest of the Castilian and Hansa worlds, the newly formed Garrison caste would form the bulk of forces in their Provisional Garrison Clusters.


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