Rudolf Shakov

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Rudolf Shakov
Character Profile
Affiliation ComStar
Rank Demi-Precentor III[1] [2]

Rudolf Shakov was a prominent member of ComStar's 244th Division during the the FedCom Civil War. [1][2]


Demi-Precentor III Rudolkf Shakov, serving with the 244th Division, was the commanding officer of the Sticks and Stones III-psi as of 3062.[1]

Serving with the Prince's Men during the FedCom Civil War, Shakov would make a name for himself during the brutal fighting against the Loyalists on Halfway in 3063 and on Thorin in 3066, with Precentor Raymond Irelon relying heavily upon him Shakov was Victor Steiner-Davion's first choice to take over command of the entire Division following Irelon's death.[2][3]

Once under Shakov's command, the 244th Division achieved victories for ex-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion on Tikonov and Cavanaugh II before it was destroyed in the final battle for New Avalon in 3067.[4] Those members of the unit that survived the Civil War were excommunicated from ComStar for disobeying direct orders in order to join the war effort, meaning that they could not enter ComStar facilities or receive any benefits for their service (although they remained capable of using ComStar communication methods without interdiction as a demonstration of compassion).[5]


During the FedCom Civil War, Rudolf Shakov piloted an Exterminator painted Com Guard white, but with red, white and blue striping around its upper arms.[2]


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