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I build Spreadsheets to verify the performance of weapons in game in comparison to similar weapons in the real world.

I have managed to find links to many real world weapons, both under the old Stats from RPG 1st Edition, TR3026, RPG 2nd Edition, MechWarrior Companion and under the newer Stats from RPG 3rd Edition & LosTech and the RPG 3e Companion.

There is an existing game system to convert from LosTech / RPG 3e stats to BattleTech Stats it was published in Combat Operations and remains valid until Tactical Operations Manual or the Revision to RPG 3rd Edition is published (IOW {Not Appearing in Total Warfare / Tech Manual is not even implying that it was discarded - and since this is Primarily an RPG thing, I'd say it could not be declared discarded until the publication of the RPG book, if even then.)

Over the past number of years since an unfortunate encounter with a 3" cannon (some time during 2003 - 2004) i have seriously questioned my ability to communicate effectively, if I appear to repeat my self, it is because I fear that I have failed to communicate and am attempting to make it legible. The alternative is to call someone on their reading comprehension (if I have trouble ordering at a fast food counter, it might just be me).

If I say that something meshes in a Spreadsheet, give me enough credit to assume that I worked my way through many possibilities before I have Bothered to Comment on it - the Knee Jerk reactions of the community are not always correct... and I will validate or eviscerate the knee jerk reactions on their own merits, and not the reputation of the last one to blindly follow the community myths.

Take me at my word when it is given.

It's all that I have left.

PerkinsC 20:04, 1 March 2008 (CST)

Math in Forums[edit]

By all means call me on my math, or my use of the wrong formula, or making up my own when i think that i am using the correct one, these are valid criticisms. If you do not like running formulas, or seeing them being used, simply stay out of the threads where formulas are being used, especially if i am talking with the rare person that understands what i am trying to say. --Cameron 19:19, 1 February 2011 (UTC)

Real World Weapon Ranges[edit]

I have been able to demonstrate the amount of Nerfing/Crippling that it takes to have BattleTech ranges, it starts with using the shorter "Combat range" for a real world weapon or the "Vs Armor" ranges for larger weapons. If you want to actually test my theories - The Factors are:

  • Does a real world weapon do recordable damage to real world Main Battle Tanks at a certain range. (Machine Guns and RW BALL or AP ammo type when BT was first published), alternately, at which range does a machine gun or rifle round penetrate at least half way through a plate of rolled homogenous steel armor that is 20 mm thick.
  • At what range will 83% (Missile hits flat value from AT2 and BF1) of the rounds fired in a burst hit with effective damage?
  • If the Weapon is primarily fired from or at an Airborne target, divide the range by 500 meters to get BattleTech Range, Note: Range in space is purely arbitrary, being 36 times the Atmospheric Combat Range, which is arbitrarily 500 meters per each BattleTech Hex.
  • To come up with the BattleTech Range take the Combat Range (the range that troopes will actually Use the weapon at) or the Range vs Armored targets and divide it by 100 meters, this could be close to the Long Range of the equivelent BattleTech Weapon... this will correspond to the result of 9 on a roll of 2d6, short is 1/3rd of this number, and medium is 2/3rds... Not sure what drives the minimum range, probably game balancing so who cares.
  • Laser or particle Weapons are a special Case: This is the range at which the weapon is expected to do recordable damage, and have an effective damage (BT Table Stat) that is 83% of its maximum damage damage. --Cameron 19:19, 1 February 2011 (UTC)


My focus is on the RPG/infantry Scale, I have both helped (great pride) {probably influenced/helped the increased focus on infantry weapons/platoons in BattleTech Scale and probably provided the only reason for LAMs to be republished} and hurt the game with this (even greater shame) {signing off on something without really looking when you are in a alpha/beta test precisely to provide your perspective, anything published that follows using what you didn't catch is your fault. --- MG Ammo and Pulse Energy Consumption, Erroneous Eratta on the CBT Page for the CBT Companion}. For most of the writers or fans the focus is on the BattleTech or Capitol Weapons scale, so the infantry and dueling rules scale are left to be looked at. The main reason that infantry scale is so important is that the RPG scale is where it is possible for cross over with real world weapons that were in production or in (open/not secret) prototyping at the time of the writing of the various sourcebooks and the most data is available for the RW infantry weapons.. and the ranges in the RPG are not reduced to provide playable distances. --Cameron 15:31, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

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