Photon Brett-Marik

Photon Brett-Marik.jpg
Photon Brett-Marik
Also known as Urien Domei
Born 3014
Affiliation House Marik
Parents Jeremy Brett (father)
Therese Marik (mother)
Siblings Reginald Marik
Spouse Samantha[1]
Children Anthony Brett-Marik[2]

Photon Brett-Marik (b 3014[1] - d. 3???) was the son of Duchess Therese Marik and Marshall Jeremy Brett.

He was described as such,[3]

Tall and lanky like his father but with his mother's classical looks and raven hair, Photon Brett-Marik was every inch the martial Marik.


Early Life & Career[edit]

As a nephew of Thomas Marik, but a member of a distaff branch of the family that was all but disowned, Photon did not seek to use the family name to his benefit. In order to ensure he received no special treatment, Photon enlisted in the Free Worlds League Military in 3033 under the name "Urien Domei". He lived as Urien Domei for seventeen years.[4][5] During the Andurien Secession he fought on Conquista.[6]

In 3048, "Urien Domei" was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and executive officer of the Second Free Worlds Guards. He took part in a raid on the Federated Commonwealth world of Dixie in 3050 that mauled the Dixie Tamarind March Militia. He was awarded the Order of the Saber by the Captain-General for his actions. Captain-General Marik awarded it to Photon under his real name, shattering his persona.[4][5]

Photon was promoted to Colonel and given command of the prestigious Second Free Worlds Guards in 3064.[2]


In 3071, Duchess Therese Marik declared the Duchy of Tamarind independent from the Free Worlds League, named herself the political leader, and placed Photon in charge of all military assets, naming him Marshall to replace his assassinated father.[7][8][9] In 3075, Photon coordinated an offensive with the Buena Archonette of the Lyran Alliance against the worlds of Poulsbo and Khon Kaen, both of which had been occupied by Circinus Federation and Word of Blake troops since mid-March.[10][11] Photon's proposed plan of attack was agreed with the Buena Archonette on the 16th of May,[12][13] and although the Tamarind and Lyran forces took heavy damage, the operation was a success. The Lyrans took Poulsbo while Tamarind claimed Khon Kaen.[14][1]

Marriage and Children[edit]

Photon is married to Samantha.


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