8th Galedon Regulars

8th Galedon Regulars BattleMech Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname "The Fate of Enemies"
Parent Formation Galedon Regulars
Formed 3011

The Eighth Galedon Regulars were a heavy BattleMech regiment in service to the Draconis Combine. During the Third Succession War their 'Mech forces were two thirds heavy and assault units and they only used the heaviest light and medium 'Mechs.[1]


Third Succession War[edit]

The Eighth Galedon Regulars participated in the Galtor campaign during 3025. During their withdrawal, they were forced to arm their technical staff to provide enough covering fire.[2]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

September 12 3028 the Eighth dropped onto Harrow's Sun and engaged the Wolf's Dragoons in what turned into a long protracted siege.[3] Elements of the Eighth faced elements of Wolf's Dragoons Epsilon Regiment.[4] They spent several months besieging the Dragoons, who had taken shelter in an AFFS fortress named Fort Belvoir. After several months of ineffective aerospace fighter and BattleMech strikes, the Eighth deployed combat engineers who tunneled into the fort. Infantry attached to the Galedon Regulars seized multiple high points in the fortress itself and killed the Federated Suns militia assisting the Dragoons. As the Dragoons turned to face this threat, the Galedon Regulars' BattleMechs charged through the minefields and attacked. The Dragoons and Regulars fought for several days, but eventually the Dragoons were forced to withdraw to Crossing.[5][6]

The Eighth Galedon Regulars pursued the Dragoons to Crossing. As the Dragoons established a fortification at Tartarus Caldera, the Eighth arrived and set up camp along the caldera's southern edge. This allowed them to use a wide four-lane road to reach the summit. They advanced at the same time other Galedon Regulars regiments assaulted the Caldera. Though they were able to use the road, this also exposed them to heavy fire from the Dragoons.[7] They faced the Black Widow Company and fought Colonel Jaime Wolf himself.[8] Eventually the Dragoons prevailed, and the Eighth started a withdrawal from the caldera. They faced Dragoon infantry armed with Inferno missiles. The infantry ignited several 'Mechs, but none were lost.[9][10]

War of 3039[edit]

The Eighth, along with the remaining bulk of the Sixth Benjamin Regulars, were assigned to recapture the BattleMech manufacturing planet of Marduk for the Combine under the command of the Sixth's Commanding Officer Sho-sho Goros. Undermanned and outnumbered, hampered by the old-school "victory or death" suicide charges and bitter arguments between unit commanders, the Combine taskforce suffered heavy losses but held on in desperation in the remains of a Succession Wars era fort. The DCMS taskforce was ultimately saved by the recall of all AFFS combat units from the Draconis Combine, returning Marduk to Combine hands.[11]

Clan Invasion[edit]

The Eighth Galedon Regulars regiment was decimated during the Clan Invasion. The surviving units of the Eighth were combined with the Thirty-fourth Galedon Regulars to form the 42nd Galedon Regulars.



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Composition History[edit]


8th Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable) [12]

  • CO: Brigadier General Victor Nicholas


8th Galedon Regulars (Regiment)

Bravo Company[13]
Command Lance
Assault Lance
Attack Lance
Charlie Company[13]
Attack Lance
  • 2nd Battalion:
  • 3rd Battalion:


8th Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[14]


8th Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[15]

  • CO: Tai-sa Hjordis Lee


8th Galedon Regulars (Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[16]

  • CO: Tai-sa Richard Hanson


Historical Turning Points: Galtor[edit]

  • The Eighth are an assault regiment, and as such they carry a disproportionately large number of heavier units; even their light ’Mechs are of the heavier types. When rolling for random forces, the Eighth automatically assign two-thirds their force with heavy and assault ’Mechs, while their light and medium ’Mechs are composed of the heaviest tonnage units available in their class.[17]


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