Black Heart Roses

Black Heart Roses
Unit Profile (as of 3076)
CO Colonel Sara Heart-Rose
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry yes



The unit has its roots in two former Mercenary commands: the Stone Hearts BattleMech company and the Briar Patch Guard. They were hired to defend the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon world of Great X, where the two commanders fell in love in the course of their garrison and merged their units. Unbeknownst to Sarah Rose, her romance with her future husband was a cover-up to get his unit out of debt.[1]

FedCom Civil War Era[edit]

The unit's negotiations to extend their service with the Kell Hounds broke down due to the selling of Morgan Kell's Archer to 'Mech collector Sarah Heart-Rose in 3064. The unit was fortunately hired shortly after by Baronet Simon Clease, CEO Rahne branch of Zettle Metals Incorporated. The Baronet deployed the Black Heart Roses to a smelter in the city of Shawmut Springs. The unit fought off raids from the local rival Pro-Katherine Steiner-Davion Duke.[citation needed]

After the civil war in 3067, they were hired by the Niops Association to defend against Marian Raiders.[citation needed]

Jihad Era Actions[edit]

Defending Niops and the Rocky Marriage[edit]

The garrisoning of Niops had gone without any raids. Colonel Sarah Heart-Rose's marriage began to deteriorate as her husband became rumored to be romantically involved with a local infantry commander. The unit gained access to Niops' new tech and was able to bolster its infantry ranks to an additional battalion of infantry consisting of troops using Mk. XXII Nighthawk Battle Armor.

In 3071 the unit was deployed against elements of the VI Legio Ripariensis who came to Niops V to plunder the world's Star League-era technology. As the Legio approached the warehouses they discovered that it was defended by two companies of NAM troops. The Legio's commander, Legatus Onufry Sopaczak, attempted to marshal his troops. However Colonel Heart-Rose launched a surprise attack with her battalion of BattleMechs into the rear of his formation. Rose's Briar Patch Guards, newly equipped with Mk XXII Nighthawk Battle Armor, attacked the spread-out Marian troops. The Nighthawks of the Guard were noted for their take down of VI Legio commander's Starslayer.[2][3]

Political Strife and Alleged Destruction of Black Hearts Roses[edit]

Political strife over the 3070s had affected the Niopian government. The unit attempted to stay neutral in these affairs, but it did not last. In February 3076, the Briar Patch Guards led by Lt. Colonel Rose freed military and political prisoners, as well as his alleged lover.[4][5] The Niops Association Militia demanded that Black Heart Roses surrender their prisoners. Colonel Heart-Rose demanded that her husband return the prisoners to the military authorities of Niops. When he refused her orders, Colonel Heart-Rose held her 'Mech forces back as NAM forces moved to attack the Briar Patch Guards. However, NAM did not recognize Colonel Heart-Rose's 'Mechs' neutrality and forced her to defend her unit.

After the ensuing battle, Lt. Colonel Rose surrendered and took responsibility for his action so his troops would survive the battle. The unit's 'Mech forces suffered heavy damage, with only a company of 'Mechs left and none fully operational. The infantry force remained operational and its ability to fight lead to negations of their amnesty.

The Niops Association agreed that the militia forces that had attacked Heart-Rose's 'Mechs were clearly only defending themselves. The merc unit was allowed to leave without any charges pressed against them. However, the DropShip carrying only the 'Mech forces of Black Hearts Rose's 'Mech force was lost due to an engine explosion. Salvage tugs which recovered the wreck did not find any signs of Colonel Heart-Rose nor her 'Mechs. Media reports hint at possible sabotage being the cause. The MRBC struck the unit name from the active rolls of mercenaries and declared them defunct.[4][5][6]


  • Leutnant-Colonel Johann Rose commands the infantry Battalion and is a veteran commander.


The unit was skilled in isolating individual enemy BattleMechs and anti-'Mech infantry attacks.


  • Technical support for a full regiment

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: D


Dragoon Rating: D[7]

Composition History[edit]


Black Heart Roses (1 BattleMech Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)

- 40 Mechs with mixed equipment

Briar Patch Guards (2 Infantry Battalion/Veteran Reliable)

- Trained in anti-'Mech tactics


  • Black Heart Roses (1 BattleMech Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)
  • Briar Patch Guards (3 Infantry Battalion/Veteran Reliable)


  • Black Heart Roses (1 BattleMech Company/Veteran/Reliable)


  • Jihad Hot Spots: The 3076 article does not state if the Briar Patch Guards remained with the unit. It only notes that the surviving BattleMech Company "lost" its DropShip. Reports leave the possibility that the unit isn't dead, unless further articles disprove this.


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