Clan Wolf-in-Exile Touman

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Unit Structure[edit]

In the years following the Refusal War and the sundering of Clan Wolf, Khan Phelan Kell had a much harder time rebuilding the touman of the newly-formed Clan Wolf-in-Exile. By late 3059 though, some stability had taken place and a sense of order restored as reorganizations were completed. Like the Wolves the Wolves-in Exile make use of the same mixed Trinary and Cluster formations, along with greater usage of the command Star, though the use of Supernova Trinaries remains rare and reserved for special purposes. Galaxy composition is also the same, with four Clusters for front-line Galaxies and and three for second-line ones.[1]

Touman structure[edit]

The touman in 3079[2][3][4]

Current Galaxies[edit]

Alpha Galaxy (The Dire Wolves)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Alpha Galaxy (Clan Wolf-in-Exile).jpg 3061
Clan Command Trinary
4th Wolf Guards Cluster
1st Wolf Legion Cluster
1st Wolf Strike Grenadiers
6th Wolf Guards Cluster
Clan Command Trinary (The Golden Keshik)
4th Wolf Guards Assault Cluster (Wolf Bane)
1st Wolf Legion Cluster (Stalking Death)
1st Wolf Strike Grenadiers (Snapping Jaws)
6th Wolf Guards Cluster (The Dragoons)

Beta Galaxy (The Wolf Marauders)[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Betagalaxy(clanwolfinexil).jpg 3059
13th Wolf Guards Cluster
2nd Wolf Legion
16th Wolf Guards Battle
2nd Wolf Strike Grenadiers
Wolf Spider Keshik
Added in 3060s.[3]
13th Wolf Guards Cluster (The Wolf Spiders)
2nd Wolf Legion (The Blood Kits)
16th Wolf Guards Battle Cluster (The Golden Marauders)
2nd Wolf Strike Grenadiers (The Maulers)

Omega Galaxy (Guardians of the Lair)[edit]

Omega Galaxy
Omega Galaxy 3054
5th Wolf Chasseurs
11th Wolf Chasseurs
15th Wolf Chasseurs
95th Phalanx
101st Phalanx
Command Trinary
1st Wolf Guardians Cluster
2nd Wolf Guardians Cluster
3rd Wolf Guardians Assault
The Bronze Keshik
1st Wolf Guardians Cluster
2nd Wolf Guardians Cluster
3rd Wolf Guardians Cluster
4th Wolf Guards Cluster
Added in 3060s.[3]

Naval Assets[edit]


Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Military Rank Insignia
Uniform Rank Insignia Point Rank Point Insignia
Point Commander Wolf-PointCommander.png Point 1 Wolf-Point1.png
Star Commander Wolf-StarCommander.png Point 2 Wolf-Point2.png
Star Captain Wolf-StarCaptain.png Point 3 Wolf-Point3.png
Star Colonel Wolf-StarColonel.png Point 4 Wolf-Point4.png
Galaxy Commander Wolf-GalaxyCommander.png Point 5 Wolf-Point5.png
Khan Wolf-Khan.png


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