2nd Wolf Legion (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)

2nd Wolf Legion
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Nickname The Blood Kits
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Formed 3058

The Second Wolf Legion is a military formation of Clan Wolf in Exile.


The Cluster was formed in late 3058 as the exiled-Wolves reorganised their forces, with most of the Second's officer corps coming from the old Thirty-seventh Striker.[1] The Cluster was still forming when it was deployed in Operation Bulldog to Pesht, here it was attacked and almost destroyed during the Smoke Jaguar counter attack in August 3059, during which Star Colonel Deener Vickers was killed.

After the Jade Falcon Incursion of 3064 the Cluster took up a garrison position on Pasig. [2] Rumours that Free Rasalhague Republic forces were staging raids into Clan Wolf territory hunting for former warriors of the 37th Striker Cluster were a worry to Star Colonel Alexia, she even suggested taking a binary of those troops to Tukayyid to allay the FRR concerns.[3]


During Operation SCOUR the Legion along with the rest of Beta Galaxy was assigned to Group IV of the Free Worlds League campaign. Their first action was on Skye alongside Clan Wolf's Delta Galaxy and Stone's Lament, here they faced the Word's Third and Eighteenth Divisions finally forcing the Blakists to withdrew after weeks of fighting. [4] They fought on Talitha [5] and were involved throughout the campaign.

In 3077 the Legion, along with Beta Galaxy forces, landed on Chara. There they faced off against the Steel Guard, a former Free Worlds League unit that had joined the Word of Blake. The Steel Guard fought the Legion to a standstill, and though the Wolf forces inflicted heavy losses on the Blakist defenders, ultimately they had to retreat off-world.[6]

By the time Beta Galaxy landed on Pollux for rest and refit, it was barely able to muster a Cluster of troops. This still left them the largest formation of Group IV.[7] The survivors later joined the actions on New Canton, Tall Trees, Saiph, and Asuncion.[8]

Dark Age[edit]

The Second Wolf Legion defended Incukalns from Clan Jade Falcon forces in the late 3140s. They were eventually driven off, but not before Elementals equipped with Black Wolf and Cuchulainn battle armor destroyed several Stars of Falcon 'Mechs.[9]


In 3059 Star Colonel Deener Vickers was the Commanding Officer. Between 3061 and 3067 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Alexia.[1] By 3067 Alexia had won her bloodname Vickers.[3]

In 3145 the commanding officer is Star Colonel Abioye Ward.[10]


In response to the Jade Falcon Incursion of 3064, this unit started training in fast-response defense tactics.[3]

Composition History[edit]


Second Wolf Legion (4 Trinaries/Veteran/Fanatical)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Alexia


Second Wolf Legion (Elite/Fanatical)[3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Alexia Vickers


Second Wolf Legion (Elite/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Star Colonel Abioye Ward


  • Star Colonel Alexia is also noted as Fetladral. [3]


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