Fighting Urukhai

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Fighting Urukhai.jpg
Fighting Urukhai
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
CO General Harold Greenspan [1]
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace Yes
Armor no
Infantry no

The Fighting Urukhai (also spelled "Uruk-hai", "Urakhai", or "Uraki" in different sources) is a Mercenary Unit that was mostly destroyed in 3066.

Unit History[edit]

The Fighting Urukhai were employed by the Federated Suns for most of their history. While under contract with the FedSuns, they crossed into the neighboring Taurian Concordat in April of 3066 following alleged contract disputes during the FedCom Civil War. The unit curiously arrived at Taurus at an irregular Jump Point. They were assumed to be hostiles, and were destroyed in short order by the defending Taurian Defense Force. [2][3]

Roman's Bar Hounds were destroyed on Ballynure in 3064, having held out against Clan Jade Falcon forces for almost six months. Hunted by the Jade Falcon Lambda Galaxy, the Bar Hounds finally conceded when they had been reduced to just two lances of heavily damaged 'Mechs; unable to rebuild, the regiment disbanded. Colonel Roman was badly burned while ejecting from his Cestus during one of the final battles, and was left unable to pilot a 'Mech due to nerve damage. After the Bar Hounds disbanded he was able to take up a training post with the militia on Morges.[4]


  • In 3025 the unit's CO was General Harold Greenspan.[5]
  • In 3054 the unit's CO is General Bryan Holstead [6]


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Composition History[edit]

The Fighting Urukhai were composed of various independently-acting, smaller mercenary units (each roughly regiment-sized).


The Fighting Urakhai (3 regiments/Regular/Reliable) [7]

Contract:Armed Forces of the Federated Suns


The Fighting Urukhai

8th Striker (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[8]
Roman's Bar Hounds (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[8]
DeMaestri's Sluggers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[8]


The Fighting Urakhai

Contract AFFC
8th Striker (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) [9]
  • CO: General Bryan Holstead [9]
Roman's Bar Hounds (Battalion/Regular/Questionable) [9]
  • CO: Colonel Randy Roman [9]
DeMaestri's Sluggers (2 Battalions/Regular/Questionable) [9]
  • CO: Colonel Ross DeMaestri [9]


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