MechWarrior 3050

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MechWarrior 3050
Product information
Type Computer game
Development Tiburon Entertainment
Publication information
Publisher Activision
First published 1995
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3050
Series MechWarrior computer games
Preceded by MechWarrior (SNES)

MechWarrior 3050 is the second BattleTech based game from Activision for Super NES.

This video game is viewed in an isometric view as opposed to the first person view of the previous game. The game also features a unique two-player mode where one player controls the bottom half of the 'Mech to navigate it around the map while the second player controls the upper torso which moves independently.

Sega Genesis version[edit]

The Sega Genesis version of MechWarrior 3050 is nearly identical to the Super NES version, except that it is simply titled BattleTech. It was developed by Malibu Interactive.

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