Redfield Renegades

Redfield Renegades.jpg
Redfield Renegades
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Edward Redfield
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no



The Redfield Renegades (also occasionally referred to as Redfield's Renegades) were formed as a unit after the Capellan Confederation captured the planet Redfield in 2760. The remains of the planetary militia under the command of the eldest son of the former Governor Angus Redfield made life difficult for the Capellan occupation force. Redfield was later liberated through the AFFC. Having vowed to avenge his family, Angus Redfield created his own mercenary command from the remaining militia forces under his command. For the next few centuries, the unit sought revenge against the Capellan Confederation.

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In the war's first wave, the Renegades performed a highly successful tactical drop on the House Liao family estate on the planet Liao, behind the Capellan Hussars lines.[1] The unit was then sent to support the 4th Davion Guards and 4th Deneb Light Cavalry in their invasion of the Capellan world Aldebaran. Suffering heavy casualties against the 2nd Battalion of Warrior House Ijori, only the arrival of the other Davion supporting units saved them from complete destruction.[2][3]

In service to House Marik[edit]

After the 4th Succession War they entered employment with the Free Worlds League. As of 3050, they were based on Harsefeld. [4]

During Operation Guerrero they were among the mercenary units that the Free Worlds League loaned out (or transferred the contract of) to the Capellan Confederation, their former enemy. The Confederation deployed the Renegades to Tsingtao in late 3057 or early 3058, after the FedCom garrison had mostly left the planet following Katherine Steiner-Davion's recall order. The Redfield Renegades battalion garrisoned the world with professionalism and competence (despite their enmity with the Confederation), but could not prevent the remaining FedCom guerilla forces from enacting a spectacularly successful heist of billions of FC-Bills from a central bank storage, plus an entire delivery convoy of L-Bills.[5]

By 3067 they were working for Minroc Mines Interstellar on Epsilon Eridani, and may or may not have been aware that their employer was a front for the Word of Blake. In that year, a lostech prospector found a crashlanded SLDF DropShip on the planet, sparking a race to the treasure. An accidental weapons discharge quickly escalated the tense situation into a shooting war between the Renegades and another mercenary unit on the planet, the Lone Star Regiment. The Renegades were defeated, and suffered losses equivalent to a battalion.[6][7]

The contract with the Capellan Confederation ended, and the unit was quickly hired by the Word of Blake. Their contract included technology updates and a large amount of cash. They were quickly assigned to take Irian away from forces loyal to the "false" Captain-General. They made planetfall in 3069 and quickly conquered the world. However a resistance movement quickly grew up, and inflicted heavy losses on the Renegades. They were forced to hole up in the factory complexes and wait for the Word of Blake to rescue them. The unit was pulled off the front lines to rebuild when the HeavyHell Raisers arrived to reinforce them.[6]


As of 2760 the unit was commanded by Angus Redfield.

In 3025 the commanding officer was Colonel Tyrell Redfield.[8]

As of 3050, the unit was commanded by Colonel Edward Redfield. [9] He continued to command as of 3067. [citation needed]

On 3067, Colonel Sarah Redfield-Barnes was commanding the unit at time of the Epsilon Eridani incident (20/21 May 3067)[10]


The past was a good teacher. They are experts in laying traps and use hidden warfare.


The 6 DropShips (2 Overlord-class and 4 Union-class) can transport the entire unit but the unit's technicians can only provide 60% of the required maintenance capacity.

Composition History[edit]


Redfield Planetary Guard (Regiment}

  • CO: Colonel Angus Redfield


Redfield's Renegades (Regular/Questionable)[11]

- At this point in time the Renegades were a medium-weight unit operating at full strength, and were based on Chouli.[11]


  • Redfield's Renegades (Regular/Questionable)[11]
- At this point in time the Renegades were a medium-weight regiment operating at just below half-strength and were stationed on Chouli.[11]


Redfield Renegades (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[12]

  • CO: Colonel Tyrell Redfield


Redfield Renegades (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[13]


Redfield Renegades (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)

  • Command Company
  • CO: Colonel Edward Redfield
  • Alpha Battalion: Major Alan Earker
  • Delta Battalion: Major Robert Pigeon
  • Omega Battalion: Major Hunter Adams

- Each battalion has an independent lance and the regiment fields a command company.

- The Alpha and Delta battalions contain medium designs with jump ability for harassing. While the Omega battalion deploys the raw fire power with heavies/mediums supported by a few assault machines.

- The entire unit is 75% upgraded and possesses a few OmniMech designs


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